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Body & Personal care packaging

Body & Personal care packaging

Custom packaging solutions

Consumers have an increased demand for new personal care products, including body cream and scrubs, intimate products, foot and sun care products, men’s grooming and travel-size products. With such a wide range of products to choose from, it is important to distinguish your product from the competition. Choosing eye-catching packaging for body care products will definitely contribute to that. Frapak has a wide range of packaging for body and personal care products.

Body care products

Frapak supplies standard and custom made packaging solutions consisting of single or double walled jars and HDPE and PET bottles. The tested fittings of dispensers andsprayers allow your brand to create even stronger connections with your consumers. 

Interested in custom-made packaging? With our 3D design and printing facilities, we can create your unique packaging.

Contact us now at and learn more about our packaging for body and personal care.