Pharma & Health Care Packaging

Pharma & Healthcare packaging

For pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging products sold as OTC products, the requirements for packaging mostly regard stability and reliability. Our customers for filling products like vitamins, coughing syrups and nasal products, except that our packaging meets their requirements in every aspect.

We therefore provide an extensive line of high-quality packaging solutions meeting all regulatory compliances, while improving the supply chain. Products like anti-lice lotions and insect repellents require dispensing solutions like spout caps and fine mist sprayers, which Frapak has thoroughly tested in combination with its supplied bottles. Our fine mist sprayers with nasal and throat adapters are also used in the healthcare segment.

Health care packaging 

We have carefully manufactured two ranges of Pharma bottles, Veral and Syrup shaped, specifically for (OTC) ‘over the counter’ products and prescription medications sold through drugstores and pharmacists. The bottles are provided with a 28 ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof) neck finish which can take various Tamper Evident Caps (TE-closure) and even the official ISO 8317 certified TE - CRC closure. 

A wide range of healthcare packaging bottles of the Veral PET bottles and Syrup bottles, in CLEAR and AMBER, are available in stock with a (MOQ) ‘minimum order quantity’ of 1 pallet. The Health care packaging PET bottles are available in different sizes from 10ml till 1000ml.

Cleanroom production environment

Frapak/FlexPET produce Pharma Bottles just like the Veral and Syrup Pharmaceutical PET bottles under strictly controlled conditions in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

In the cleanroom, the area where the product is physically made and transported, conditions have even been boosted to an ISO Class 8 level.

We have a wide range of Pharmaceutical finger sprayer.

 The fine mist pharmaceutical sprayers are used in three product groups: the familiar nasal sprayer, followed by the throat sprayers and the topical sprayers. A pharmaceutical ear adapter has also been developed for applications to the ear.

The main products within our PET range are bottles and jars, like the Syrup and Veral range, pill jars and even power packers ranging from 1 to 10 litres for bodybuilding and fitness products.

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