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3D design & prototype

3D design & prototype


3D engineering

Our packaging design process provides you designs beyond your imagination, as Frapak Packaging has been working with 3D design and rapid prototyping for more than 10 years. This means that the company thinks and works in 3D, which gives us lots of advantages over our competitors, as our experience surpasses the market. 

In order to quickly place your packaging concept on the market, our engineers work with Solidworks, which is the leading software in the packaging industry, and fully compatible with other 3D engineering software like Pro/engineer, CATIA, SolidEdge and Unigraphics.

During the design process, we create multiple rendering possibilities to give you a quick preview of your different design options.

We prepare mock ups and solid models by 3D printing in-house, which means that both standard and custom developed packaging items are on our desk in a matter of hours.