28-410 hdpe bottle

28/410 HDPE bottle

Frapak Packaging, your trusted supplier of 28/410 hdpe bottle premium packaging solutions. We specialize in delivering high-quality 28/410 HDPE bottles, including sustainable options made from 100% rHDPE. With a wide range of matching components like closures, pumps, and triggers, we offer comprehensive packaging solutions tailored to your needs. Count on us for EU-produced excellence, reliable delivery through our extensive warehousing network, and complete packaging solutions for optimal results. Experience the quality and functionality of Frapak Packaging today.

Frapak Packaging 28/410 HDPE Bottles

Frapak Packaging, your trusted supplier for high-quality 28/410 HDPE bottles. Our extensive range of packaging solutions includes 28/410 HDPE bottles made from both standard HDPE and 100% rHDPE, providing you with flexibility and sustainable options for your packaging needs.

Why Choose Frapak Packaging for 28/410 HDPE Bottles?

  1. Wide Range of Matching Components: At Frapak, we understand that a successful packaging solution requires more than just the bottle itself. That's why we offer a variety of matching components designed specifically for our 28/410 HDPE bottles. Whether you need closures, pumps, or triggers, we have the perfect components to complement your packaging and ensure a seamless user experience.
  2. Production in the EU: We take pride in producing all our packaging solutions within the European Union. This allows us to maintain strict quality control standards and adhere to stringent regulatory requirements. When you choose Frapak, you can trust that your 28/410 HDPE bottles are manufactured to the highest European standards.
  3. Extensive Warehousing Network: With our five strategically located warehouses throughout the EU, we ensure efficient and timely delivery of your packaging orders. Our widespread distribution network enables us to serve customers across Europe promptly. You can rely on Frapak Packaging for reliable and timely deliveries.
  4. Commitment to High Quality: Quality is at the core of everything we do. We have invested heavily in research and development across multiple locations to ensure that our 28/410 HDPE bottles meet and exceed industry standards. Through rigorous testing, we have put our packaging and matching components through over a thousand trials to guarantee exceptional performance and durability.
  5. Complete Packaging Solutions: For the best results, we recommend purchasing the complete packaging solution from Frapak. By choosing our tested and proven components, including closures, pumps, and mini triggers, you can be confident in achieving optimal performance and functionality for your 28/410 HDPE bottles. We have done the hard work of testing and compatibility, so you don't have to.
  6. Sustainability: We understand the growing importance of sustainable packaging solutions. That's why we offer 28/410 HDPE bottles made from 100% rHDPE, a recycled and recyclable material. By opting for rHDPE bottles, you contribute to a more circular economy while still maintaining the quality and functionality of traditional HDPE bottles.

When it comes to 28/410 HDPE bottles, Frapak Packaging is your go-to supplier. With our wide range of matching components, European production, extensive warehousing network, commitment to quality, and complete packaging solutions, we provide everything you need for successful packaging.

Choose Frapak and experience the reliability, functionality, and sustainability of our 28/410 HDPE bottles and matching components. Contact us today to discuss your packaging requirements and let us help you find the perfect solution.