Looking for supplier of packaging for disinfecting hand gel?

Frapak packaging has many plastic packaging items available for disinfecting hand gel. View our wide selection of small bottles ranging from 30 up to 100 ml.

Also larger packs often with pumps which we can offer are now being used more and more for disinfecting hand gel.
All our packaging is made in Europe and does not depend on supplies from outside the European Union.

Supplier of disinfectant hand gel for Coronavirus

The corona virus causes scarcity to disinfecting hand gel, we can deliver the entire package.
For bottle and closure, this combination has been tested frequently for leaks and this makes the time-to-market fast.

We focus on offering and selling only the extensively tested combination of bottle and closure, only bottle or only closure are not our priority.

Disinfecting Hand Gel is a handy and effective means to clean your hands quickly and hygienically without soap and water. The hand gel disinfects and gives your skin a clean and fresh feeling.

Small packaging desinfaction gel

Apply a small amount to one hand and distribute the hand gel with a wash motion. Within a few seconds the hands are dry and bacteria are rendered harmless.

Often these are small packages such as a 50ml Pet bottle, 75ml PET bottle or 100ml pet bottle. Because of this it can always be taken along also when traveling per airplane.

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