Pet bottles

PET bottles on stock

PET bottles on stock

Frapak Packaging supplies many different PET bottles and has many articles on stock.

For our PET bottles we have added a few items on our stock and even in rPET.

The stock Items of our PET bottle assortment is starting from 30ml till 1000ml.
We have also some PET bottles in amber aswell.

PET bottles on stock

PET bottles

Frapak is the plastic packaging specialist and has been involved in the packaging market as a creative family company with innovative standard and custom made packaging concepts since it was founded in 1978

PET bottles manufacturer

We have been manufacturer of PET Bottles for over 10 years. We use these years of experience to provide a wide range of standard PET bottles. The successful PET bottle series containing the Boston Round, the Disc Round, the Square, the Oval, and several Trigger bottles are available in different sizes and in many standard neck finishes.

Are you looking for recycled PET packaging? We can provide every PET packaging into rPET.

We are a PET bottle wholesale supplier which can offer low MOQs on all our stock items If a standard bottle doesn’t fulfil your requirements/ we can offer custom-made injection-moulded design bottles on any orders of 150,000 units and above per year. All the custom designs are made using 3D software like SolidWorks which enables us to create custom designs at low cost. 3D prototypes can also be made in-house very easily as Frapak uses rapid prototyping.

PET bottles coloured

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The PET bottles Material

PET (or PETE, PETP, PET-P) is short for PolyEthylene Terephthalate, a thermoplastic polymer which belongs to the polyester group. It is a material which is mainly used in clothing and packaging. PET is made by the esterification of Terephthalic Acid and Ethylene Glycol; its recycling code is number 1.

PET bottle manufacturer

PET bottle production

The PET bottle production process begins with the raw material PET being put through a production process called Injection Stretch Blow Moulding, also often referred to as ISBM, which is used for the manufacturing of blown packaging such as bottles and jars. Injection Stretch Blow Moulding can be subdivided into two different processes called the single stage (or the so-called hot cycle stage) and the two stage (the cold cycle stage).

The PET bottle production process

In the single stage ISBM PET bottle production process, the PET material is dried, heated up and injected into a mould to make a preform which contains already the neck details and the final weight of the end product.

In the second step of the process this preform is conditioned until it has the right temperature profile to enable it to form its final shape. In the third step this preform is stretched and blown into a blow mould which gives it its final shape. By stretching and blowing the PET material is moved in two directions which is referred to as bi-axial stretch. By bi-axially stretching the preform, the bottle acquires its great characteristics like having clear glass and good barrier properties.

PET bottle production

The main advantages of PET bottles

Clear glass - PET packaging can have the same clarity and appeal as glass packaging.

Lightweight – PET packaging is, on average, only 10% of the weight of the equivalent glass packaging. This provides great convenience for the end consumer but has an even greater impact on the weight of the total product - a huge influence on the size of the carbon footprint during transport and handling.

Barrier properties - PET packaging has great barrier properties because of the bi-axial stretching of the preform, making it ideally suited for products containing alcohol, acid or other chemical types of products..

Unbreakable - PET bottles are virtually unbreakable making them ideal for use in surroundings where glass can be a potential hazard like the bathroom, professional kitchens, hospital rooms and operation theatres. Supermarkets and drugstores are also increasingly demanding that suppliers provide their products in unbreakable packaging.

PET bottles supplier

The characteristics of the PET bottles productions

Neck details: As the neck finish is injection-moulded, the accuracy of the neck details is often much higher than in other production processes like Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM) or the usual Blow Moulding (BM). PET bottles are often produced with an industry standard neck finish like 18 DIN, 20-410, 24-410 or 28-410 or in a higher neck finish like 18-415, 20-415, 24-415 and 28-415. By using these standard neck finishes a wide range of closures such as plastic and aluminum screwcap, flip top cap, disc top cap and spout caps are available, as well as a range of sprayers and pumps.

Weight: The weight of the packaging is already determined in the injection moulding of the preform and therefore cannot be easily changed. The manufacturer often chooses the appropriate weight that the bottle should be and determines what particular characteristics are required with regards to top load, drop impact and the ease in which the product can be easily filled, capped and labelled.

Label area: The label area is often defined by a height and a width, based on the circumference of the bottle.

Technical drawing PET bottles

PET bottle wholesale supplier

Volume: Frapak Packaging has a wide range of PET bottles available ranging from standard volumes like 25ml, 30ml pet bottles, 50ml PET bottles, 75ml, 100ml PET bottles, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml PET bottles, 500ml PET bottles and 1000ml as well as more special volumes like 20ml, 60ml, 125ml, 300ml, 400ml and 750ml. 

To suit all PET bottles Frapak Packaging has a wide range of matching standard closures, pumps and sprayers available from stock.


Shape and decoration of PET bottles

Shape: PET bottles can be blown into round, oval, rectangular or square shapes. 

The label area will always be slightly curved to secure easy labelling.

Decoration: The product information and the declaration of ingredients are usually presented on the label of the PET bottles. However, alternatively, the PET bottles can also be sleeved or decorated using silkscreen printing or hot stamping.

Although PET bottles are mainly used in transparent form, it is possible to colour the bottles during the production process by using a master batch or a liquid colourant.


PET bottle finishes

For certain products a PET bottle with a matt finish is preferable to a glossy finish. Two different processes can be used to achieve this by either adding a special additive or giving the bottle an extra spray treatment.


The main markets for PET bottles are in the food industry, detergent market, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.


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