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Flacons Pharma - Flacons Sirop et Veral

Veral and Syrup bottles for the Pharma Range

FlexPET and Frapak Packaging are glad to announce that they have increased their stocklevel of VERAL and SIROP bottles in both AMBER and CLEAR due to increasing demand.

Available from stock and with a MOQ of 1 pallet we can deliver throughout the whole of Europe. To close the bottles we have matching closures from a high-end pharmaceutical cap up to a convenient lightweight cap including matching Dosing cups. Our salesteam is ready to discuss your annual needs and to secure for you your Just In Time delivery we are more than willing to keep a minimum stock just for you based on an annual contract. Feel free to contact our local sales manager or send your inquiry through using this link.

We have carefully manufactured two ranges of Pharmaceutical PET bottles, Veral and Syrup shaped, specifically for (OTC) ‘over the counter’ products and prescription medications sold through drugstores and pharmacists. The bottles are provided with a 28 ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof) neck finish which can take various Tamper Evident Caps (TE-closure) and even the official ISO 8317 certified TE - CRC closure. 

A wide range of sizes of the Veral PET bottles and Syrup bottles, in CLEAR and AMBER, are available in stock with a (MOQ) ‘minimum order quantity’ of 1 pallet.

Amber PET bottles

Flacons Pharma - production en salle propre - matière première adaptée à la pharmacopée

Environnement de production en salle propre

Frapak/FlexPET produisent ces flacons PET Veral et Sirop dans une salle propre ISO 7, dans des conditions strictement contrôlées.

Dans cette salle propre, nous sommes notamment parvenus à réunir les conditions de production d’une salle ISO 8.

Matière première adaptée à la pharmacopée

Nos produits PET Pharma de haute qualité sont fabriqués à partir de matériaux PET de qualité supérieure, approuvés par la Pharmacopée européenne.

Le matériau RamaPET R180 du fabricant Indorama est produit aux Pays-Bas dans son usine de Rotterdam, et est certifié conforme à la Pharmacopée européenne depuis le milieu des années 1990.

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