Mini Trigger spray 24-410 0.16ml 2 finger handle in white

Mini trigger, Spray, 24-410, white/white
Trigger serie Mini Trigger
Neck size 24-410
Spray/Foam type Spray
Trigger type Cosmetic
Material Ldpe
Spring SS-
Output 0.16 ml
Handle 2 finger
Upside down No
Extension No
Color White
Stock Yes
Website no. TMCUSO24BL2SSS11
MOQ 900

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Product description

Everything about the Mini trigger spray only 24-410 short handle white

24-410 sprayer mini trigger consumer sprayer with spray only

The 24-410 sprayer mini trigger has 0.16ml output and a spray only as spray type. The colour for the trigger sprayer is normally white or natural, but our trigger sprayer can be made in any colour. The minimum order quantity will only be different if the trigger sprayer is ordered in a not standard colour.

Our 24-410 trigger sprayers are created for our custom-made trigger sprayer bottles. We can supply them into (r)PET trigger sprayer bottles and HDPE trigger sprayer bottles. This makes it easy to create a complete package.

This trigger sprayer has a extra specifications like a short handle in white. Sometimes also with a child resistant closure, or it can be used upside down.

There are 2 functions of the trigger pump: direct compression and pre-compression.
1. Direct compression: The liquid goes directly from the dip tube inside the cylinder and, by squeezing the handle travels via the nozzle base through the nozzle itself. This function is common for most simple liquids like surface cleaners, de-icers, and many more.
2. Pre-compression: The benefit of this type of function is that it gives the trigger a full spray without liquid fall off, or any large droplets of the liquid forming, because of a special valve inserted in the chamber of the trigger.

The consumer triggers sprayers are available in standard neck sizes such as 28-400, 28-410, 28mm lock, RD28/DIN28 andPCO-BPF.

24-410 trigger sprayers mini trigger for multiple markets combinations

Frapak has standard colours available like all white, all black, red/white, green/white and blue white. For fast deliveries the industrial trigger sprayer is available in stock. The different versions are Spray/foam, Sunstar foam and woven mesh. The consumer triggers have an all plastic construction which reduces carbon footprint and enables the consumer to recycle the trigger

Matching PET bottles and HDPE bottles for the mini trigger sprayer 24-410

Frapak offers a range of products that are especially developed for our trigger sprayers. We have tested these matching PET bottles and HDPE bottles over a thousand times. There is even a possibility that we have a few trigger sprayer bottles on stock!

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