About Frapak Packaging

Frapak is the plastic packaging specialist and has been involved in the packaging market as a creative family company with innovative standard and custom made packaging concepts since it was founded in 1978 in the Netherlands which still is our home base.

Nowadays with offices in Germany, France, Holland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Italy our network is near completion and a large number of standard products is supplied directly from our warehouses throughout Europe.

As one of the largest European packaging distributors we do not only distribute the products as described above but with our partners we are deeply involved in the engineering of moulds, development of production machines and decoration techniques.

Since 2010 our subsidiary FlexPET has been developing PET packaging solutions not only aimed at the cosmetic and personal care markets but also active in the pharmaceutical and food segments.

Frapak Packaging eu


Frapak Packaging eu

In the last 20 years Frapak have been a successful manufacturer of HDPE and PET Bottles and distributor for cosmetic and trigger pumps.

The experience of these years and to provide a wide range of standard and customized packaging brings us to the leader in plastic packaging in Europe.

We use our headquarters in Holland for distributing our products in the Benelux.