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Frapak has been a wholesale supplier of PET aroma jars for over 10 years. We currently have a wide range of standard PET jars aroma's, spices available including the small spender, big spender, square spender and cookie packer. We also keep a variety of jars in stock. Choose the type of jar you want and check out our MOQ (minimum order quantity). We can deliver all of our spice jars in bulk.

Within the wide gamut of PET products Frapak/FlexPET have three groups which are dedicated to the Food and Spice markets. Ranging in size from 100 ml up to 500 ml there are Spice jars available for every consumer and catering use.

Plastic containers on stock

Frapak Packaging supplies a wide range of PET spice containers and has many items in stock.

For the market spices, we have added some items in stock and even in rPET.

The stock items in our range of PET jars range from 50ml to 8000ml.

PET spice jars on stock

The PET spice jars come in 3 groups

  1. Small Spender, is a Round small spice jar in PET produced in 100 and 175 ml and based on the standard neck finish of 38-400 or 38-485. Both the 100 and 175 ml jars in the 38-485 neck finish are kept in stock. 

  2. Big Spender, is a round PET spice jar produced in 230, 330 and 500 ml based on the standard neck finish of 63-400 / 63-485. The 500 ml jar in the 63-485 neck finish is kept in stock.

  3. Square Spender, is a Square PET spice jar produced in 330 and 500 ml sizes and based on the standard neck finish of 63-400 / 63-485.

Closures that are fit for the PET spice jars

For both the 38/485 and the 63-485 neck finishes, a dual flapper cap is available with a large hole on one side and a pattern of smaller holes on the other to ensure the easy dispensing of the spices. 

The closures are available without a liner or with a Pressure Sensitive (PS) liner or an Induction Heat Seal (IHS) liner for guaranteeing freshness and giving the product a first user guarantee.

Frapak/FlexPET also provides a grinder closure for larger grain spices like Pepper or salts like the Himalayan salts or sea salt.

As well as the Flapper or Grinder solution, we have many other closures available in plastic and aluminium with, or without, liners. Choose your own combination!

Closure for spice jars

UV barrier PET jars

UV barrier PET jars

All of the Frapak/FlexPET spice jars are made standard with an UV-barrier to keep the product inside from discolouring, as spices are often very sensitive to UV-light.

With the built-in UV-barrier, all the light in the range up to the 390 nm wavelength is filtered out. 

The UV-barrier is achieved by adding a food approved liquid additive to the PET material.

The markets of PET spice jars

The ranges, Small Spender, Big Spender and Square Spender can also, of course, be used for various other types of products besides spices.

The jars are, for instance, also very popular for bakery and cupcake decorations or for cosmetic purposes like bath salts etc.

Bakery PET jars

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