Cosmetic rpet jars

Cosmetic PET jars - Mono material

Eco friendly cosmetic jar

As a sustainable alternative for cosmetic jars made of acrylic materials Frapak developed a 100% double walled cosmetic PET jar Trento named after the greenest city in Italy.

The 50 ml Trento jar can be produced in both virgin as recycled PET (rPET) and is now commercially available from Europe.

100% Completely (r)PET jar

Both inner- and outer jar and the closure have been made from PET and therefore this crème jar can be classified as mono-material.

Compared to existing jars made from SAN, PMMA, SMMA or other acrylic raw materials the Trento jar can be identified as PET and therefore sorted to the PET fraction in the recycling stream.

Eco friendly cosmetic PET jars

cosmetic PET jars

Cosmetic PET jars of mono material

This circular solution for applications like facial and body creams links a contemporary design to a lower carbon foot print.

A mono material cosmetic PET jar. The 50 ml recyclable jar is available in a smooth transparent and a frosted version and samples are now available to all our customers.

In the next couple of months new single and double walled jars made from PET will become available offering alternative packaging solutions for jars made from plastics which are more complicated to recycle.

PET jar made out of mono materials for cosmetics

The cosmetic PET jar made out of mono materials is an attractive option for a wide range of markets. In general, markets that are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly, and transparent packaging solutions would be interested in this type of packaging.

Some specific markets that may be interested in cosmetic PET jars made out of mono materials include:

  1. Natural and organic beauty brands: Brands that promote natural and organic ingredients are often aligned with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options.
  2. Vegan beauty brands: Vegan brands may want to use packaging that aligns with their ethos of reducing harm to animals and the environment.
  3. Luxury beauty brands: High-end brands often focus on quality and durability, which can be achieved with the thick-wall/acrylic look of the PET jar.
  4. Mass-market beauty brands: Large brands with a wide distribution network may want to use packaging that is easily recyclable and eco-friendly to appeal to a broad customer base.
  5. Sustainable beauty brands: Brands that focus on sustainability and reducing their environmental impact are likely to be interested in mono-material PET jars as a way to reduce waste and promote recycling.

Overall, any market that is interested in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions can benefit from using cosmetic PET jars made out of mono materials.

Cosmetic PET jars eco friendly