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Flip Top caps supplier

Frapak Packaging has been supplying plastic flip top caps for many years. A wide range of standard flip top can be supplied in standard neck sizes ranging from 20-410, 20-415, 24-410, 24-415 to 28-410. There are also many flip top closures available in stock.

Choose your type of closure and see our (MOQ) minimum order quantity.

In stock Flip top caps

Frapak Packaging supplies many different Flip top closures and has many items in stock.

We have many stock items in our range of flip top closures from 20-410 to 28-410.

As deliveries often need to be fast, Frapak have different flip top caps in stocks; White, Black, Natural and Silver and in sizes 20/410, 24/410 and 28/410.

Flip top caps on stock

Instructions for use of a flip top cap

The flip top closure is a one piece cap with a body and a lid connected by a hinge. The hinge allows the lid to be closed onto the body of the flip top cap which normally has some kind of finger recess enabling the user to open the cap more easily and conveniently.

On the newer versions of flip top caps, the lid also has a slight overhang creating an even larger surface for the flip top cap to be opened.  When opened the liquid product flows through the orifice of the flip top cap when the bottle underneath is squeezed.

The lid features a pin which closes the orifice of the cap. The diameter of the pin is slightly bigger than the orifice which prevents the lid from being opened be accident. The opening force of flip top closures have particular ranges related to the resin and colourants used in their production.

The flip top caps have orifices with a variety of diameters ranging from 1 up to 10mm as there are lots of products with different viscosities which need to be dispensed.

At the rear of the flip top cap, the body and the lid are connected by the hinge. The hinge is one of the most critical parts of the flip top closure as this should perform like an active function. Users have only to move the lid very slightly before the hinge starts forcing the lid back onto the body of the cap. There are different styles available like a butterfly or dual axis hinges to meet every market need.

The threaded version of the flip top caps are geared to the industry SPI or GCMI standards like 20-410, 24-410 and 28-410; other diameters like 15 and 18mm are also available based on the DIN norm.

plastic flip top caps

Large diameter flip top caps

The closing systems of the Flip top closures

Most of the flip top caps have a plug seal which closes into the bottle neck. 

The main advantage of this closing system is that the friction between the outer diameter of the plug seal and the inner diameter of the bottle neck prevent the flip top cap from unscrewing.

The snap-on flip top closures are mostly used for shampoos and conditioners. 

These kinds of caps have a collar on the inside with a retention bead which is snapped onto the bottle neck by applying vertical force.

The bottle neck is made with a snap bead which the retention ring of the closure is forced over, making the cap snap shut.

The latest versions of flip top caps have a larger diameter originating from the flip top closures of the tubes.

The flip round series consists of bottles which are specifically designed to accommodate flip top caps with the same diameter.

This results in a perfect cylinder with simple lines. As the bottle neck has a special feature, the front end of the flip top cap always faces the front end of the bottle.

Coloured Flip top caps

Flip top caps are used extensively in all cases where liquid products need to be dispensed. Flip top closures are available in a number of styles and designs but the main varieties are the screw-on and the snap-on versions.

All flip top caps can be made in a wide variety of colours using master batches or colourants.

If you want a bi-coloured flip top we can provide this using our bi-injection machine with a 2K mould. 

With this technology the body of the cap can be a different colour to the lid. 

Standard stock items available are 24-410 and 20-410 in black, white and natural.

coloured flip top caps