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Frapak has been supplier of trigger sprayer for more than 20 years.

We have a number of trigger sprayers in stock.

The output of the trigger is 0.8 ml up to 1 ml per stroke. The different versions are Spray/foam,  Sunstar foam and  Woven mesh

Trigger sprayers are also available in different colors.

Trigger sprayers on stock

Trigger sprayers

Frapak packaging is a wholesale supplier of Consumer Trigger Sprayers. 
The consumer trigger sprayer is well known product on supermarket shelves, one we couldn’t envisage being without.
Many markets use the trigger sprayers for surface and kitchen cleaners but they also have a specific use for cleaning restaurants and hospitals.

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The trigger sprayers features

The principle of a trigger pump is a small engine with a piston in a cylinder which pumps liquid through a dip tube in the cylinder and, using the pressure created by squeezing the handle, the liquid is forced through the nozzle base into the nozzle itself. The nozzle can emit a fine mist, a spray or a jet and, with a special insert, it can also emit foam.The trigger pump contains several injection moulded parts assembled on a special fully automatic assembly machine.
The latest polymer materials which the triggers are made of are highly compatible with a wide range of liquids.There are 2 functions of the trigger pump: direct compression and pre-compression.

  1. Direct compression: The liquid goes directly from the dip tube inside the cylinder and, by squeezing the handle travels via the nozzle base through the nozzle itself. This function is common for most simple liquids like surface cleaners, de-icers, and many more.
  2. Pre-compression: The benefit of this type of function is that it gives the trigger a full spray without liquid fall off, or any large droplets of the liquid forming, because of a special valve inserted in the chamber of the trigger.  

The consumer triggers sprayers are available in standard neck sizes such as 28-400, 28-410 and RD28 and lock cap. 

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The different nozzles of a trigger sprayer

The nozzle of a trigger sprayer can deliver a jet, a spray or a foam dispersion of the product or even a combination of these functions – it all depends on the performance you require.

The output of the trigger is 0.8 ml up to 1 ml per stroke. 

The different versions are Spray/foam,  Sunstar foam and  Woven mesh.

The consumer triggers have an all plastic construction which reduces carbon footprint and enables the consumer to recycle the trigger.

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Trigger sprayer consumer - ISO and upside down

The child-resistant trigger sprayer has an official ISO certificate

An extra option on the trigger is an official CRC ISO 8317 certificate. The combination of a lock closure and a special lock nozzle makes the pump child proof and combines perfectly with the HDPE and PET trigger bottles from 250 to 1000 ml in volume.

This child-proof feature is indispensable for certain markets such as garden care, car care products and bathroom cleaners containing chloride.

CRC trigger sprayers

Other trigger sprayers

For garden care and semiprofessional use there is a longer handle trigger sprayer available. 

For pharmaceutical use there is a non-vented version available, or a vented version with a special membrane that allows gas to escape from the bottle preventing collapse.

Normal and long handle trigger sprayers

Upside down trigger pump

Another special version of the consumer trigger sprayer is the upside down version.

In this case the consumer trigger sprayer can be used at any angle, making products  very easy and convenient to use.

upside down trigger pump

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