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T-14 Pre-Compressed Trigger Sprayer Series


The T-14 Pre-Compressed Trigger Sprayer series by Frapak Packaging embodies innovation and reliability, catering to diverse industrial and consumer needs with its robust design and superior performance.

Key Features

  • Pre-Compressed Technology: Engineered with advanced pre-compressed technology for enhanced efficiency and reliability.
  • Neck Sizes: Available in 28-400, 28-410, 28mm lock, and RD28/DIN28 configurations, ensuring compatibility with various bottle types.
  • Colour Options: Offered in a classic and flexible white finish.

Customization Options

  • Nozzle Configurations: Customizable with spray, stream, and foam nozzle options to meet specific application requirements.
  • Various Applications: Ideal for a wide range of industries including household cleaning, automotive, garden care, and more.
  • Certification: Can be paired with HDPE bottles for CRC ISO 8317 certification, ensuring product safety and compliance.

Why Choose the T-14 Pre-Compressed Series?

  • Reliability: Built on Frapak's reputation for durability and quality, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Precision Engineering: Designed with precision to deliver consistent spraying performance across different tasks.
  • Expert Support: Backed by Frapak's expertise in global markets, providing tailored advice for optimal sprayer selection.

Elevate your product packaging with the T-14 Pre-Compressed Trigger Sprayer series from Frapak Packaging. Contact us today to explore how these innovative sprayers can improve your product's functionality and appeal.