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High quality Disc Top Caps and Closures

Are you searching for a supplier of disc top caps and closures to enhance your packaging solutions? Look no further. Frapak Packaging is your premier destination for a wide range of dispensing disc top caps available in various sizes, including 18-400, 20-410, 20-415, 24-410, 24-415, and 28-410. As a leading authority in the plastic packaging industry, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional products tailored to meet the needs of contract fillers, retailers, and brand owners.

Disc top caps and closures are pivotal components in the packaging world, ensuring controlled dispensing and safeguarding product integrity. At Frapak Packaging, we understand the significance of these components in optimizing user experience and preserving product quality. Our extensive selection of disc top caps caters to a spectrum of applications, from cosmetics and personal care products to pharmaceuticals and household chemicals.

A disc top closure, also known as a disc cap or flip-top cap, is a type of closure commonly used in packaging for various products like lotions, shampoos, and liquid soaps. It consists of a plastic cap with a hinged disc or lid on top, which can be opened and closed by pressing on one side of the lid. The design of the disc top closure allows for easy dispensing of the product while preventing spills and ensuring controlled usage. 

How does a disc top cap work?

1. Cap Structure: The closure consists of two main parts: the cap body and the hinged disc lid. The cap body is typically screwed onto the neck of the container, and it houses the hinge mechanism and the sealing elements.

2. Hinged Disc Lid: The disc lid is attached to the cap body through a hinge mechanism, which allows it to pivot open and closed. The disc lid usually has a slightly raised portion on one side, often referred to as the "actuator," which is the part you press to open the lid.

3. Sealing Elements: Inside the cap body, there are sealing elements that help prevent leakage when the lid is closed. These seals, usually made of soft plastic or rubber materials, form a tight seal around the container's opening to prevent the product from spilling out 

4. Dispensing: To dispense the product, you press down on the actuator of the disc lid. When you press, the hinge mechanism allows the lid to pivot open on the opposite side. As the lid opens, it exposes a small dispensing hole through which the product can flow.

5. Controlled Flow: The size of the dispensing hole and the design of the lid are engineered to control the flow of the product. This helps prevent excessive pouring or splashing and allows the user to dispense the desired amount of the product more precisely.

6. Closing: After using the product, you release the pressure on the actuator. The hinged disc lid returns to its closed position due to the spring-like action of the hinge mechanism. As the lid closes, the sealing elements create a tight seal around the dispensing hole, preventing any further product from coming out.

7. Benefits: Disc top closures offer several advantages, such as convenience, ease of use, and reduced risk of spillage. They also help maintain the product's freshness by minimizing exposure to air and contaminants.

Why Choose Frapak Packaging for your Disc Top Caps

1. Unparalleled Quality: With our commitment to excellence, we have established a high-quality production facility in the European Union that adheres to rigorous standards. Our in-house Research and Development team meticulously tests every disc top cap for quality and leak prevention, ensuring that your products are safe and secure.

2. Comprehensive Product Testing: Partnering with Frapak means partnering with reliability. Our disc top caps have been subjected to over a thousand tests in conjunction with our PET and HDPE bottles, resulting in a leak-free guarantee.

3. Food-Grade Certification: At Frapak Packaging, we prioritize your customers' safety. Our PET packaging, including PET bottles and PET jars, are all food-grade certified. This certification underscores our dedication to delivering packaging solutions that meet stringent quality and safety standards.

4. Eco-Friendly packaging Initiatives: Sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy. We offer PET bottles and PET jars made from 100% rPET (recycled PET) and PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials. Frapak stands firmly for the principles of reduce, re-use, refill, and recycle, ensuring that our products contribute to a greener future.

Frapak Packaging has established a robust presence across the European Union, with sales offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Slovenia. Our strategically located warehouses ensure swift and efficient delivery, enhancing your convenience and satisfaction.

Experience the Frapak Packaging Difference

In the dynamic landscape of plastic packaging, Frapak Packaging stands out as your trusted partner. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability sets us apart, making us the ideal supplier for all your disc top cap and closure needs. Whether you're a contract filler seeking excellence, a retailer pursuing premium solutions, or a brand owner striving for distinction, Frapak Packaging is here to elevate your packaging game.