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These bottles feature a round shoulder design that has proven reliable a thousand times over for containing almost any liquid or solid.The Boston Round PET Bottles are available from small volumes like 30ml up to bigger volumes like a1000 ml. The Boston Round pet bottles series are available is also available in other materials. We have for example Boston Round HDPE.

The neck sizes for the smaller bottles of the Boston round PET series are  20-410, 20-415, 24-410, 24-415. For the bigger volumes of the Boston round PET we have the neck size 28-410. 

The Boston round pet series are a very popular pet bottle series, because of his rounded natural shape. The standard color for this serie is transparent. Although if you are looking for fast delver times, we provide stock items of the Boston round PET. 

These Boston Round PET bottles are mostly used in the haircare, food and beverage and the automotive. In the last market, the bigger volumes with the 28-410 neck is used many times in combination with a matched trigger sprayer. 

Frapak has developed matching components for every single product that we deliver. For the Boston Round PET bottles, we have matched finger sprayer, closures, pumps and trigger sprayers.