10ml PET bottle, Pharma Mini 18 ROPP, F890A

Pharma Mini 10ml, PET bottle Round, F890A 01 Pharma Mini 10ml, 18 ROPP, F890A 02 18 ROPP, PET bottle Round, F890A 03 Pharma Mini 10ml, 18 ROPP, PET bottle Round, F890A 04

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About the 10ml PET bottle, Pharma Mini 18 ROPP

10ml PET bottle Pharma Mini

Our article F890A, the 10ml PET bottle Pharma Mini with a 18 ROPP neck finish, is available in any colour.

The 18 ROPP PET bottle is an industry standard neck finish. This 18 ROPP neck makes it possible to supply many different closures like the dispensing caps, screw cap and or aluminium caps who are especially made for our F890A PET bottles. We also have many different Finger Sprayers, Pumps and Trigger Sprayers for the 10ml PET bottle.

The article code for this 10ml PET bottle, Pharma Mini 18 ROPP PET bottle is F890A and might be on stock in standard transparent colour (Clear) or can be produced in any requested colour, opaque or translucent.

18 ROPP PET bottles family Pharma Mini

The F890A PET bottle has a 18 ROPP neck finish and has many closures available with the same finish, from which you can find the entire range of matching components above this page.

For those customers requiring a sustainable plastic solution we can also supply the F890A Bottle in 50% recycled PET (rPET) or 100% recycled PET (rPET), for which we have a MOQ of 25.000 pieces.

The 10ml PET bottle Pharma Mini F890A as well as all the other sizes in the 18 ROPP PET bottles Pharma Mini Family are used in a wide range for products in different markets like: body cream, hair care, cosmetics, personal care and food & beverage. The Packaging specifications all are different for different products and markets, Frapak Packaging offers the widest range of PET bottles ranging from 10ml up to 1000ml all in different weight and with different neck sizes.

10ml PET bottles decorations possibilities for the F890A

With our new decoration capabilities, installed in 2019, we can now offer this 10ml PET bottle F890A with up to 6 colour silk-screen printing and with or without hot-stamping. As the 6 coloured are printed in line in one run the colours are perfectly aligned with almost 0 tolerances. To guarantee 100% perfect printing the printed bottle is directly inspected in-line by a Decomat camera inspection guaranteeing our customers the highest level of AQL.