Cleaning packaging

Packaging for cleaning products

The cleaning industry is mostly dominated by multinational brands in the segments of surface cleaners and air fresheners where local brands provide solutions for niche markets like the cleaning of jewellery, leather products and specialty products for floor cleaning.

Packaging like PET and HDPE bottles, and dosing bottles for surface cleaners, bathroom and kitchens, but also products for silver and gold polishing, can act as your brand ambassador and establish a recognisable identity for your private label brand.

The packaging makes your brand

We have a wide range of dispensing and spraying solutions to help your product stand out. Consumer opinion of a brand is often influenced by its packaging, while the performance of dispensers, triggers and sprayers, can strongly influence the perception of the brand. Let us inform you in order to provide the best consumer experience possible.

Frapak supplies standard and custom made packaging that allow your brand to create even stronger connections with your customers.

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