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Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions from Frapak Packaging:

Looking for high-quality plastic PET jars that are not only attractive and durable, but also eco-friendly? Look no further! Frapak Packaging is your go-to supplier for all your PET jar needs. Supplier for over 10 years offering the standard range of clear PET jars in a variety of different designs and series, like straight cylindrical, Big Spender and Small Spender. We supply a wide range of different PET jars and also directly from stock.

What sets Frapak Packaging apart is our commitment to sustainability. We offer PET jars made from recycled PET, which not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes a circular economy. By choosing our recycled PET jars, you're not only getting top-quality packaging, but also making a positive impact on the environment.

All our PET jars are produced in-house in our state-of-the-art factories located in Europe, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Our experienced team of experts ensures that each PET jar is manufactured to perfection, meeting all your packaging needs.

We take pride in our wide range of stock items, available for immediate shipment. Whether you need PET jars for cosmetics, food, household products, or any other application, we have a vast selection of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. And if you're looking for a customized solution, our team can work with you to create the perfect PET jar that meets your unique requirements.

Join us in our mission to reduce plastic waste and choose Frapak Packaging for all your PET jar needs. The perfect packaging solution that fits your brand and your values.

What are the markets for Plastic PET Jars?

The common market for PET containers are: P

  1. Skincare Packaging with PET: PET bottles and jars are perfect for skincare products like creams and lotions. They're clear, strong, and show off your products well while keeping them safe.
  2. Hair Care in PET Bottles: Shampoos and conditioners are often packed in PET bottles. These bottles are sturdy and can be made in different shapes and sizes, perfect for hair products.
  3. Makeup in PET Packaging: PET is also used for makeup items like liquid foundations and lip gloss. PET allows for clear or coloured packaging that can match your brand's style.
  4. Perfumes in PET: Although glass is commonly used for perfumes, PET is becoming more popular. It's lighter and doesn't break easily. PET can also be shaped into attractive designs, similar to glass.
  5. Personal Care Products: Products like deodorants and hand sanitizers are often in PET containers. They can come with various dispensers, like pumps or sprays.
  6. Nail Care Products: PET is good for packing things like nail polish remover. It's resistant to chemicals, which is important for these types of products.
  7. Travel and Sample Sizes: PET is great for small, travel-sized products. It's light and durable, making it convenient for carrying around.
  8. Eco-friendly Packaging: There's a growing demand for packaging made from recycled materials. PET packaging can be made from recycled materials, which is better for the environment.

PET packaging is versatile, allowing for different shapes, colours, and designs. This makes it a popular choice for cosmetic packaging across various types of products.

What are PET jars?

A PET jar production process starts with the raw material which,
for these kind of jars, is PET - a polyester – that can be made in a glass clear and shiny appearance.

One of the main advantages is that raw PET material can be stretched when processed to form long molecular chains resulting in very strong but lightweight PET containers.

PET jars supplier

The standard clear PET jars with 48mm up to 100mm necks and a volume range from 25ml up to 8 Litre are ideal for many products in the cosmetics, food and pharma markets. We are a PET jar wholesale supplier with many jars available in stock.

We are able to supply all our PET jars into recyceld PET. We have a minimum order quantity of 25.000 for rPET jars.

PET jars for food

How are PET jars made?

The PET jar production process:

Most jars are currently produced using single stage ISBM PET machines which inject the PET granulate into a preform where the neck finish, with low tolerances, is shaped and the product weight already determined.

In the second step the preform is conditioned in order to distribute the heat in the preform evenly. In the third step the PET preform is moved onto the blow mold, stretched (vertically) and blown into a container creating biaxial strength which results in the creation of a perfect plastic PET jar.

In the last step of the ISBM machine the jar is ejected and placed onto a conveyor for automatic packing.

Plastic PET jars are used for numerous products from body cream and scrubs to food stuff and vitamins tablets. As the packaging requirements on the various markets are different, Frapak Packaging offers PET jars in various weights and volumes ranging from 25 ml up to 10 litres. A very populair PET jar market is the ice cream packaging

Production process PET bottles

Coloured PET jars

Coloured PET jars

Using master batches or colourants the PET jars can be supplied in numerous colours. Depending on the customer’s requirement the PET jar can be coloured in a translucent or opaque finish. The most standard colours for PET jars are white, black and amber.

Weight: The weight of the packaging is already determined in the injection moulding of the preform and therefore cannot be easily changed.

The manufacturer often chooses the appropriate weight that the bottle should be and determines what particular characteristics are required with regards to top load, drop impact and the ease in which the product can be easily filled, capped and labelled.

PET Jar specifications

A PET jar consists of the following parts:

  1. Neck PET jar
  2. Body PET jar
  3. Bottom PET jar

The PET material is injected into the preform during the first stage of the PET production process. The thread of the PET jar has very narrow tolerances and, as the neck of the PET jar has to accommodate a seal or a closure, we ensure the fitting is very smooth.

On the bottom of each PET jar there is a ‘gate’ which originates from the injection point of the PET jar preform. In some cases the bottom of the PET jar has a specific shape enabling the PET containers to be stackable.

PET jar production

Small PET jars

Smaller PET jars

Smaller volumes of PET containers like; 25ml 50ml, 80ml, 100ml, 120ml, 125ml, 150ml jar and 200ml feature a 38-400, 48-400, 63-400 or 70-400 standard neck finish to accommodate different plastic and aluminum lids.

For bigger PET jars volumes of 250ml, 300ml up to 500ml have an 89-400 neck finish allowing the PET containers to be fitted with different closures.

Different shapes and designs of the PET jar

The shape of a PET jar is usually cylindrical but oval and rectangular shapes are also possible. The cylindrical designs of the jars allows for easy filling and labelling and, in larger containers, the label area can be recessed to avoid damage.

As the wall of the body sometimes needs to be strengthened, special ribs are placed in strategic spots on the PET container. Some designs can even feature a grip allowing the end-user to use the larger PET jars more easily.

Screen printed PET jars

The cavity number and the recycle logo are stamped into the bottom of the jar fulfilling quality and environmental requirements. 

For screen printing of up to 6 colours, an orientation point is engraved onto the jar to ensure that the design of the silk screen is located in the right position.

The advantage of PET is that the surface has a very shiny appearance. 

However, the marketing of some designs requires a more matt finish of the PET jar.

Screen printing PET jars

PET jars matt

Matt and lacquered finish PET jars

In this case an additive can be used to make the surface of the PET jar more matt.If the design of the jar needs a matt finish which equates with the touch and feel of an acid etched glass bottle, then Frapak can provide a secondary lacquering.

All these type of plastic PET jars and containers are commonly used for cosmetic products like hair waxes and body scrubs but can also be used for packaging candy or fish food. The rigid PET jars have also proven to be particularly useful packaging for food and chemical applications like licorice candy and hand soap for industrial use.

The wide mouth plastic jars with higher content capacities are excellent containers for protein products and sport nutrition powders but can also be used for dried cooking ingredients and sauces. In this Power Packer series, Frapak Packaging offers various different models such as straight cylindrical and recessed versions.

The shape of a PET jar is usually cylindrical but oval and rectangular shapes are also possible. The cylindrical designs of the jars allows for easy filling and labelling and, in larger containers, the label area can be recessed to avoid damage.