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Stock PP jars

Frapak Packaging supplies many different PP jars and has many items in stock.

For our PP jars, we have added some items in stock and even in rPP.

The stock items in our range of PP jars range from 50ml to 200ml.

Stock PP jars

PP jars supplier

Frapak has a wide range of standard PP jars available, such as the softline, the straight and the stackable versions. Neck size 89-400 jar and 70-400 jars are available in a range of different sizes: 5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml up to 500 ml in standard PP. We also have many jars available in stock.

PP Jars information

The most used plastic jar is the PP jar

The most common plastic used in the construction of jars is polypropylene or PP. This abbreviation is the general name for a number of different varieties of PP like homopolymer, copolymer and random copolymer used in the injection moulding of PP jars. PP as a material is often used for making cream jars and containers as it has good product resistance to fats and almost all other organic solvents.

frosted pp jar

Injection moulding of the PP jars

The injection moulding (IM) process is known for its flexibility in materials and the preciseness of the PP parts. Pellets of PP material are fed into the hopper of the machine and then heated up the thermoplastic PP material to the right temperature for processing. This heating process is created by a combination of the heat from a barrel and the shear created by the screw.. When enough material has been processed, the injection machine forces the heated material under pressure into the injection mould to form the components of the PP jar. The injection moulds for PP jars can be made with 2 cavities up to 12 depending on the size and the design of the jar. As the PP jar should be able to be released from the injection mould there is always a draft angle and the jar, therefore, is always slightly conical.

smooth pp jars

One of the main advantages of PP jars

One of the main advantages of the injection moulding of jars is that the surfaces can frosted; an effect which is created by treating the outer plate of the injection mould. When the injection mould is filled during the moulding process, the surface of the mould creates the frosted or matt effect on the PP jars.

double walled PP jars

PP Jars - decorations cream jar and thread

Two types of PP cream jars

Basically there are two types of PP cream jars: the single walled and the double walled. The construction of the double walled PP jars consists of an inner jar which is fitted into an outer jar. The inner jar is injection moulded, completed with the neck finish and then mounted into the outer jar on an assembly line.

The inner jar is mainly produced in PP material as this plastic has very good product compatibility properties and when assembled gives the jars a more luxurious appearance. A single walled PP jar consists of one part and is, therefore, more cost effective.

double wall pp jars

Multiple or single thread cream PP jars

cream jars

Standard contents for the double wall jars are 5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml but larger content sizes like 150 ml 200 ml and 250 ml are also available.

There are different neck sizes and thread designs available for the cream jars. The most common one is the multiple start but a continuous thread version is also available.

Screen printing and other decorations for PP jars

The body of the PP jar is slightly conical but a label can usually be easily applied. In specific cases jars can be screen printed in up to 6 colours.

Although the costs of screen printing is usually higher than labelling, the filling of the PP jars is easier and faster.

To decorate the cosmetic jars a hot stamp is often applied by using metallic foils. These foils can have numerous effects like a glossy or matt finish in combination with metallic silver and gold colours.

screen printed pp jars

Stackable caps for the PP jars

There are numerous lids and closures available for the PP jars.
For certain products the requirement is that the jars are stackable so the cap needs to be designed in such a way that the bottom part of the PP jar actually fits the lid. The PP lids can be more rounded or feature a flat and straight design.

stackable-closure_Z1rZ8Qm.width-500 (1).png

Range of different liners

A range of different liners and seals can be assembled in the closures and lids of PP jars. Normally a tri-seal or an EPE liner is sufficient for protecting the contents like creams or waxes from drying out.

Double walled jars are mostly used for the packaging of creams, body scrubs and hair waxes. 

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