Metallization lacquering

Lacquering and metallisation

The normal surface of a plastic jar or bottle does not always reflect the surface or texture desired  by your customers. 

In the case of PET bottles or jars, for example, the normal finish is a high gloss surface, as this is one of the features why PET is chosen. If the texture of a PET container should resemble an acid etched glass bottle, the frosted look is achieved by applying a lacquer. In this process, in which an item is spray-painted, a matt silver or gold or any other metallic colour can also be applied. In the end it will look like a metal film or a metal-enriched material is used.  

In case of glossy finishes, lacquering is not the favourable option, and vacuum metallisation is used. With vacuum metallisation, a metal layer is applied onto the plastic. Vacuum metallisation is the physical depositing of an evaporated material (usually aluminium) onto a specific item. This process takes place in a vacuum chamber, where the packaging item and (evaporated) metal are combined.

MEtallization Jars