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SAN jars


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SAN jars





SAN jars are normally used for facial products

Jars used for facial products like day and night creams are usually thick walled. Transparent plastics like SAN or PMMA or SMMA which are used to make the jar walls give them a luxurious appearance. Although the walls of the cosmetic jars are quite thick, using acrylic materials produces a glass like transparency. In most cases the jar is lined with an inner jar made of polypropylene as the product compatibility of this material is excellent.

The most common shapes of acrylic jars are cylindrical but oval, conical or square shapes are also popular.

The exactness of the Acrylic jars

As the wall thickness gives the acrylic jar its luxurious appeal, it is important that the glass clear properties of the raw material are retained throughout the injection moulding. The biggest challenge of this process is producing jars of the same consistent quality, as thicker walls could cause sink marks to form, making the labelling process more complex.


The standard volumes of the SAN jars

These cosmetic jars have standard volumes like 15, 30 or 50ml. The smaller volumes are used for products like eye-cream, for eg. The larger volumes are used for night and day products like age-defying creams and décolleté lotions. Most sizes of acrylic SAN jars have a minimum order quantity of 10,000. Frapak is an acrylic jars wholesaler.

The jars can be decorated with many techniques, such as screen printing and hot stamping. Screen printing increases the quality perception of the cosmetic cream acrylic jar as this can be done in up to 6 colours. In some cases, it’s not only the outside of the jar that can be printed, the inner jar can be decorated with a screen print too.

Branding the SAN jars

Hot stamping your brand name or logo on the jars can increase their attraction to end customers as this can be done using silver and gold foils which give the cosmetic jars a more luxurious image. A wide range of other metallic foils can also be used to differentiate the decoration of the cosmetic jars and are available as standard. Another standard feature which we provide is the adding of a silver or golden ring of 2-3mm in width to the lower side of the closure. Both shiny and matt finishes of this hot stamped ring can be applied.


Innovation of the Acrylic jars

The very latest development in hot stamping decoration is the 3D technology or Decofoil. This process uses several moulds and dyes to apply the metallic foil all over the product giving it an appearance similar to that of a product from a metallisation process. The greatest advantage of this hot stamping technology is that the transfer of the foil is a controlled process, this means logos and brand names can be added at very low cost.

Most of the closures of the cosmetic jars are made up of 2 or 3 component parts, this eliminates a common problem associated with the use of a single component – that of the sink marks on the threaded closure. By adding a second cosmetic component this effect is hidden from the critical gaze of the end customer. These component parts can be made from PP but also from SAN or PMMA and SMMA. If a new packaging concept is developed, the closure of the jar can be made with an embossed or debossed logo in the injection mould at a relatively low cost. As a standard option the outer part of the closure can be matt or shiny.








  Acrylic jars decoration


 coloured SAN jars


 Lids of SAN jars




SAN jars