Custom moulding PET bottles

Tooling and Custom moulding

Moulds and tooling

Our relationship with mould and tool makers is very important in our supply chain, as Frapak Packaging only works with dedicated suppliers that also use Solidworks. This means the transfer of data between the different design departments is free of errors, which is critical in getting your packaging items developed within the right time frame and against the right costs.

Custom moulding packaging

As the volume of the developed tools and the efficiency in the design process is optimised, we can guarantee you the lowest cost per item like for PET products, we take the best preform with a low cycle time

We develop custom tooling for items with a yearly quantity as low as 150.000 Pcs., which is possible thanks to our efficient development process. The cost of moulds and tools, and the complicated development process, are no longer obstacles for marketing and product development teams to create a distinctive look on the shelves.

Your packaging is our mission!

We prepare mock ups and solid models by 3D printing in-house, which means that both standard and custom developed packaging items are on our desk in a matter of hours.

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Custom moulding 3d