24-410 PET bottle supplier

24-410 PET bottles

Frapak Packaging has many PET bottles with a 24-410 neck size and it is the most common neck size in the entire product range. For these 24/410 PET bottles we have developed many different designs; from square to round, and even long shoulders like the Tall Boston Round.

Supplier of 24-410 PET bottles

The most popular Bottle in PET with a 24/410 neck is our Sharp Cylindrical bottle, this one is the most popular bottle series with this specific neck size. Sometimes a 24-410 PET bottle is called a 24sp410 PET bottle.

Because this is the most commonly used neck size, we have also created a lot of different shapes and sizes for these bottles. The smallest 24/410 PET bottle that we have in our range has a capacity of 100 ml and the biggest one has a capacity of 500ml.

We have the following kinds of series available:

The BeSquare, Boston Round, Tall Boston Round, Tri Oval, Flat Oval, Flex Oval, MySpray, Sharp Cylindrical, Various Round, Suncare, Pear Round, TapsRound, Milk and Roval. All these PET bottles

are available with a 24/410 neck and we have created different designs in our standard packaging range.

PET bottles 24-410

We have the following kinds of series available in our standard PET 24-410 packaging range

Various components for 24-410 PET bottles

With our vast selection and customization options, we can provide the perfect 24-410 PET bottles for your project. Let us help you find a solution that meets all of your requirements!

We also offer a range of different closures, including mini trigger spayers, lotion pumps, soap pums and finger sprayers to ensure that your project is complete. With Frapak, you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality PET bottles with perfect closure solutions for any application.

The 24-410 neck size PET bottles are mostly used in volume range from 75ml to 600ml. These plastic bottles are ideal for containing both liquids and solids.

These components are sold many times and are leak proof in combination with our bottles.

We have made four different product ranges; various 24/410 screw closures, 24/410 finger sprayers, 24/410 mini triggers and 24/410 soap dispensers.

Get in touch with us today and let us

Eco-Friendly 24-410 plastic Bottles

sustainable packaging with our 24-410 size bottles. These bottles are special because they are made entirely from recycled plastic. We take old plastic materials, clean them up, and turn them into these new bottles.

This way, we help reduce waste and protect our planet. Our bottles are strong, look good, and are perfect for various uses. When you choose our recycled plastic bottles, you're making a choice to help the environment. Crafted from 100% recycled post-consumer resin (PCR). Our commitment to sustainability.

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