300ml PET bottles

300ml PET bottles

Frapak Packaging is the 300ml PET bottle supplier in Europe. We offer only the highest quality 300ml PET bottles with an emphasis on sustainability and affordability. All of our products are manufactured within the European Union and adhere to strict safety regulations to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our company policy is to only sell within the European Union, so customers can rest assured that our 300ml PET bottles are made in accordance with EU laws and standards. With Frapak Packaging, you get 300ml PET bottles that are reliable, durable, and reasonably priced. Shop with us today for your packaging needs!

Supplier of 300ml PET bottles

We offer a wide range of 300ml PET bottles in various shapes, sizes, and weights. Whether you're looking for something lightweight or something more robust, we have the perfect bottle for your needs. Plus, if you need something special designed just for you, our team of experts can create custom-made designs that fit exactly what you need.

PET bottles 300ml supplier

Highest quality PET bottles

Discover why Frapak Packaging is Europe's premier supplier of quality 300ml PET bottles. We guarantee that with us, you'll get the best service possible at an affordable price. Shop with us now to see the difference!

Furthermore, we have a number of decoration options available to give your 300ml PET bottles that extra sparkle. From screen printing, hotfoil, full colouring, hot stamp etc – we have it all! Choose us for the best quality products and services at unbeatable prices. There are several options for decorating PET bottles for a brand, including:

  1. Screen printing: This is a popular method of decorating bottles, as it allows for detailed and precise designs.
  2. Hot stamping: This method uses heat and pressure to transfer a metallic or foil design onto the bottle.
  3. Label application: This method involves applying a label with a pre-printed design onto the bottle.
  4. Embosing/debosing: This method involves a logo / brand name into the mold while the bottle is being formed.
  5. Spray painting: This method uses a spray paint to apply a design onto the bottle.
  6. Digital Printing: This method utilizes digital printing technology to print high-resolution graphics and images directly onto the bottle surface.
  7. Shrink Sleeve : This method involves applying a shrink sleeve label that wraps around the bottle and shrinks to conform to the shape of the bottle when heated.

Ultimately, the best decoration method for your brand will depend on factors such as the type of design you want to use, the volume of bottles you need to decorate, and your budget.

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rPET plastic 300ml bottles

Recycled PET bottles

At Frapak Packaging, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions for your 300ml PET bottles. We offer complete 100% recycled PET which is sourced from post-consumer waste and can be used in a range of applications.

Our recycled material meets the highest standards in quality and performance while reducing your environmental impact. Find your packaging needs!