Aluminium Closures

Aluminium closures

Frapak and FlexPET have been suppliers of Aluminium closures for over 10 years. We use these years of experience to provide a wide range of standard Aluminium closures.All the custom designs are made using 3D software like SolidWorks which enables us to create custom designs at low cost. 3D prototypes can also be made in-house very easily as Frapak uses rapid prototyping.

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The Aluminium material

Aluminium is a natural chemical element (symbol Al) with a relatively low density and a good resistance to corrosion. Because of its low density the material is lightweight and, as it doesn’t rust, it is an ideal material for various applications such as those used in the packaging field. Aluminium is commonly used in packaging for products like bottles, closures, seals etc.

Aluminium cap production process

The Aluminium Closures that we produce are punched out of aluminium plates, then rolled and knurled. A final stage sees the thread rolled into the cap. All our aluminium closures are  directly wadded to conform to the EPE liner standard.

The main advantages of Aluminium

Lightweight: As aluminium is a lightweight metal it has the attractive appeal of the metal but a lightweight construction. Lightweight means that the carbon footprint during transport and handling is much less compared to the heavier alternatives.


Aluminium Closures - possibilities and characteristics

Characteristics of the Aluminium closures

Edge: Normally aluminium closures have a rolled edge which gives a circular rigidity to the closure as well as being a nice design feature. We also offer a folded edge finish as an alternative to the rolled edge which offers the same rigidity but creates a straight and more minimalistic finish to the closure.

Knurls/ribbed: It is quite common to have knurls on the top of the aluminium cap to give the end-user more grip while unscrewing. However there are also caps where the knurls are omitted purely for design purposes.

Lacquering: The aluminium is standard lacquered in a food-approved coating to guarantee food safety should the contents ever come into direct contact with the aluminium.

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Decorative possibilities

Colours: As the aluminium plates that the closures are punched out of can easily be colour coated or colour printed, the options for working with colours are endless. Silver is considered the standard colour and gold is also often used as a standard. 

Combinations of a colour on one side and silver or gold on the other can make the packaging stand out from the rest and customises the cap to give it its own identity.

Embossing/Debossing: It is also possible to make a customized punching tool with an embossed and/or debossed logo. This gives even possibilities to decorate and a more luxury appeal to the aluminium caps.

Printing: Alternatively to printing the plates in a plain colour it is also possible to print a complete customer’s artwork in multiple colours onto the plates creating even more opportunities to customize the caps.

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