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Professional trigger sprayers

Frapak Packaging has been a wholesale supplier of trigger sprayers for many years. See our wide range of trigger sprayers, like the CHS-3 and 5 for the professional user. Many nozzle and shrouds configurations are possible. Choose your type of Trigger Sprayers and see our minimum order quantity (MOQ).
The professional Trigger pump is a heavy-duty trigger sprayer with a higher output and a longer handle than a standard trigger pump. The main purpose of the industrial trigger sprayer is to increase cleaning productivity by having a robust and ergonomical design. 

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The industrial trigger sprayer has a high output

The principle of the industrial trigger sprayer pump is based on a high output engine with a piston in a cylinder to pump liquid through a dip tube in the cylinder. By actuating the trigger handle the industrial cleaning product flows through the nozzle base into the nozzle itself.

The standard spray nozzle of the industrial sprayer can easily be adjusted from a fine mist to a strong jet. Alternatively two different foam nozzles are available. The first foam nozzle is a barrel or pipe type resulting in a more concentrated foam pattern, the second is a mesh foamer which creates a more dense foam.
trigge sprayer nozzles

Our trigger sprayers are chemically resistant

The professional trigger sprayer consists of several injected molded parts which are assembled on a full automatic assembly machine guaranteeing consistent quality and spray performance.
The polymers used for the different components in the triggers assure good compatibility with a wide range of liquids.
A chemically resistant trigger sprayer, the CHS3-super, which has components that are more resistant to solvents available for use with more aggressive liquids.
As a standard feature the industrial trigger pump comes with a pre-assembled filter on the dip tube. The trigger sprayer is available in standard neck sizes like 28-400 and 28-410 and Frapak can offer industrial cleaning bottles made of HDPE and PET which fit onto the industrial trigger pump.
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We have a wide range of trigger sprayer in stock

To differentiate between industrial cleaning products.
Frapak has standard colours available like all white, all black, red/white, green/white and blue white.
For fast deliveries the industrial trigger sprayer is available in stock. 
Frapak can customize your industrial sprayer by adding a longer dip tube of 100 or 150cm.
When fitted with a standard 38 mm or customer cap it is possible to use the industrial trigger on a jerry can for kitchen or agricultural products.
Stock trigger sprayers
CHS 3 assebmly


The professional trigger sprayer is mostley used in the cleaning professions

Cleaning professionals require good ergonomic and durable tools to work with.

The professional trigger pumps can therefore be fitted with an extension nozzle and longer flexible dip tube, enabling users to reach places where a standard trigger sprayer would not be sufficient.

The main application fields for professional trigger sprayers are restaurants, oven cleaners, hospitals, gyms, hotels, heavy duty cleaners for marine applications, agricultural weed killers and other markets requiring a durable trigger solution.

Chemically resistan trigger sprayers

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