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Contract filling packaging solutions

Contract filling can be a tough business. Contract fillers have the almost impossible task of keeping both the retailers and the manufacturers happy. And you have to adapt your production lines every time a new trend in the market comes along. Not to mention the challenge of creating the flexibility to handle small quantity runs as well as having the capacity to handle high volume orders. Above all, you need a reliable supplier of contract filler packaging who can help you absorb the unpredictable peaks and troughs in your demand!

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That is where Frapak Packaging can help as we understand your needs exactly. We provide a perfectly balanced range of contract filler packaging solutions. Our dedicated manufacturing lines combined with our efficient production processes enable us to complete high-volume contract filler packaging services within a very limited time frame. 

Plus we have warehousing and storage capacity so that you can complete just-in-time deliveries of your stock orders within even the tightest on-demand window.

Quick delivery time 

With Frapak Packaging you will be able to deliver all your contract filling services on-time, in-spec, and on-budget. And all this at affordable prices and with guaranteed quality: orders that used to be beyond your reach will soon be a part of normal, everyday business.

Too good to be true? See for yourself and contact us now at We will be glad to tell you more about our packaging solutions for contract fillers, and how Frapak Packaging can help you turn a tough business into a successful enterprise.

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