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Disc top caps

disc top caps wholesale


Frapak Packaging has been supplying plastic disc top caps for many years.
A wide range of standard disc top can be supplied in standard neck sizes ranging from 20-410, 24-410, 24-415 to 28-410.
There are also many disc top closures available in stock. Frapak supplies one of the most popular dispensing closures, the disc top closure. The disc top cap consists of two parts: a body and a disc. 

20-410 disc top cap 24-410 disc top cap disc top cap 24-415 28-410 disc top cap disc top cap 24 mm 28 mm disc top cap


disc top caps





The instructions for a disc top cap

By applying force on the finger pad, the disc of the cap opens and allows the product to flow through the orifice.

This enables the product to be dispensed single-handedly thus increasing customer convenience.

The disc is fitted into the top of the body which, when actuated, rotates on the two pivoting points at the side of the disc. Inside the disc the opening of the body is hermetically closed by a plug seal inside the disc.


Matt and shiny disc top caps

The disc top closures are available with a plug seal or crab's claw in 20-410, 24-410, 24-415 and 28-410 sizes.

In most designs a shiny finish is required but, in some cases, a matt or frosted effect can enhance the design beautifully.

Frapak therefore offers both shiny and matt finishes on all the sizes of the disc top caps.


Stock disc top caps

As supplies are sometimes needed quickly. Frapak Packaging has been supplying plastic disc top caps for many years. 

There are also many disc top closures available in stock.
Frapak keeps a stock of white, black, natural and silver disc top caps in 20/410, 24/410 and 28/410 sizes.


Bi-coloured disc top closure 

Creating an appealing closure design can be achieved by using the right pigments or colourants. As the disc top cap is made out of two parts which can be coloured differently it allows the closure to be styled to match the bottle underneath. 

Adding pearlescent pigments gives the disc top cap a fashionable metallic look. The colours for the disc top caps can be chosen from all the pantone colours currently available bringing the design in line with the label or the colour of the bottle. 

The newest disc top closure has a large diameter

The latest development is a disc top closure which has a large diameter providing a uniform cylindrical design on both HDPE as PET bottles.

On HDPE bottles the disc top cap has a special orientation point so the front of the closure orifice can be aligned with the front of the bottle.
This unique feature provides a very modern, stable appearance on the product shelf.

This disc top, rounded series are mostly used for hair shampoos and conditioners but can also be used for other applications.

Disc top caps are used for a variety of cosmetic and hair care products like body creams, shampoos and conditioners which are slightly viscous.






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disc top closures wholesale


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disc top caps