20-410 disc top cap, plug seal, 8mm orifice, frosted, in stock white

Disc top closure 20-410, plug seal (8mm), smooth, PP
Closure type Disc top
Closure no. 1210
Shape/Model Standard
Neck size 20-410
Weight 3.5g
Closing Plug seal
Finish Frosted
Orifice 8.0mm
Color White
Stock Yes
Website no. D20BDT1210PS8F0101
MOQ 4,500

Make your packaging complete For the Disc top cap 20-410 frosted - plug seal white 1210 Disc top closures

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Product information Everything about the Disc top cap 20-410 frosted - plug seal white 1210

20-410 disc top caps, 1210 frosted, plug seal

The 20-410 disc top closures are created to be compatible with both our PET bottles and HDPE bottles, meaning it is easy to create a complete pack with various different bottles. The 1210 has a 8mm orifice and a plug seal closing system, complete with a frosted finish.

The orifice diameter is dependent on the thickness of the product. The orifice is different and dependents on the product. For example low viscosity products like micellar water or alcohol, the orifice opening is 1-3mm. For higher viscosity products, such as shampoos and body lotions there are larger orifices available.

20/410 disc top closures for multiple markets combinations

For low viscosity products like micellar water or alcohol, the opening is 1-3 mm, for high viscosity products like shampoo and body lotions the opening is 3-5 mm. Our screw closures have different closing systems like plug seal, crabs-claw, liner or insert.

The 20/410 cap has a plug seal closing system and finish is frosted. We keep stock in many colours for the disc top closures: white, natural, black and silver. However we are able to supply these closures in any required colour, subject to minimum order quantity.

disc top caps 1210 in different finishes

The closures are available in many different sizes, but the most common neck finishes are 20-410, 24-410, 24-415 and 28-410.

These closures are available in either a smooth or frosted finish, allowing you to create a closure that will match te overall look you are going for with your product.