Foamer pumps

Foamer pumps

Tabletop foamers

The transformation of a water-based liquid into a foam pump

The foamer pumps are comprised of a nozzle or dispensing head, an engine where the liquid is pumped through the mesh by means of a piston, a closure and a dip tube.

Basically there are two main types of foamer pumps. The most common type used in the cosmetic industry is the hand-held foamer, a foamer pump which is actuated by one or more fingers dispensing the product onto the fingers of the other hand.

Round HDPE or PET bottles are usually ideal for this. The foamer can be ordered with different designs of dispensing heads.

Hand-held foamers are commonly available in two diameters.
The 42mm foamer pump is typically sold with bottles containing 100ml, 150ml or 200ml.
The smaller version has a diameter of 30mm and is used for bottles with a 50ml or 75ml content. These more handy-sized mini foamers are useful in the travel and food markets.

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Tabletop foam pumps

Another type of foam pump is the table top foamer.

In this model the foamer is mounted on a somewhat bigger and usually oval bottle which stands on a surface when the foam pump is actuated.

The most common applications for this foam pump are hand cleaners containing soap or detergent solutions. The content of these bottles are mostly 250ml or 300ml.

The foam dispenser pump

There is a function on the foam pump which enables water-based liquids to be converted into a foam using normal air. This is done in the foaming chamber by forcing a water and soap solution through a very fine mesh whilst adding air.

This formulation, in combination with the non-aerosol foam pump, determines the quality and density of the foam.

Table top foamer pumps

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Handheld foamer pumps

The standard or customised foamer pumps

Foamers can be customised by adding a different design of overcap, such as a more straight or rounded design, or a frosted version which gives the overcap a more matt appearance.

To make the foamers even more cosmetically appealing the pump can be decorated with a shiny gold or silver ring by means of hot stamping.

The foamer pumps are most commonly used in the cosmetics market

The most common applications for foam dispenser pumps are facial cleaning products for the cosmetics market but a variety of hair conditioners and baby care products are also dispensed by this type of foam pump.

Foam pumps are also used for hand cleaning soaps and other types of hand sanitizing products.

Frapak can produce foam pumps in a range of different colours, all of which can either be opaque or translucent. 

The standard colours of pumps that we normally produce are white or natural.

Foamer pump bottles have a high brimful volume

The most important factor in the production of a foam bottle is that it is constructed with enough head space to house the engine of the foamer pump which takes up a lot of the volume of the bottle. A typical 150ml foamer bottle has a brimful volume of almost 200ml.

Wholesale foam pumps

Frapak offers matching foam bottles in a range from 50 to 250 ml. These foam bottles are produced from PET or HDPE and fit the foam pumps perfectly. The PET foam bottles have a shiny and smooth appearance.

As the neck is part of the injected preform this guarantees very narrow tolerances and therefore a guaranteed leak-free solution.

The HDPE foam bottles have a more pharmaceutical appearance and can easily be produced in small quantities from 10,000 pieces in any one colour.

These foamer bottles can be produced in any colour and can also be decorated by adding a screen print or a hot stamp logo.

Handheld foamer pumps

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