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The Tall Boston Round HDPE bottles has a nice and tall round shoulder design that has proven reliable a thousand times over for containing almost any liquid or solid. Tall Boston Round HDPE Bottles are available from 30ml up to 1000 ml and featuring neck sizes 20-410, 20-415, 24-410, 24-415 and 28-410.


The standard HDPE color is white or natural. It is also possible to give the packaging a custom colour. The MOQ for changing the bottle into any colour will normally increase the minimum order quantity.

The market for a Tall Boston Round HDPE bottle are the cosmetic and haircare markets and all our products are compatible for a matching component.

We have also a few HDPE bottles on stock. The normal lead times of a standard Tall Boston Round is around 6-9 weeks. The most common matching component for a Tall Boston Round are closures and sprayers. It depends on the neck size and volume of the bottle which matching component is used more often.