Plastic lid 89-400 PP, straight crab's claw frosted

Crabs claw PP frosted lids, 89-400 frosted lids, 89mm PP frosted lids, 89SP400 frosted lids
Serie Standard lids
Neck size 89-400
Model Straight
Finish Frosted (plastic)
Closing Crab's claw
Material PP
Packing Liner packed
Color White
Stock No
Website no. PD89A1_PPS2FCCP21
MOQ 10,710

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  • Tested over 1000 times
  • Produced in Europe
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Product description

Everything about the Plastic lid 89-400 PP, straight crab's claw frosted

The 89-400 lids for PET jars, standard plastic lid 89-400, crabs claw

The 89-400 plastic lid with a crabs claw closing system. Our PD89A1_PPS2FCCP21 is a standard plastic lid in 89/400 and with a frosted finish. The 89-400 plastic lids can be supplied into different finishes and also different closing systems.
The finishes who are common for our plastic lids are smooth, frosted and ribbed. The lids are available in any colour, although white is our standard colour and the minimum order quantities will be lower in our standard colours.
The closing systems for the 89-400 are: Tri seal, crabs claw, induction seal and for disc.

89/400 lids with our PET jars for multiple markets combinations

Our lids are especially made for our PET jars. We have tested these combinations over a thousand times. For this reason we can supply a complete packaging that is tested and sold for many times. We are a trusted plastic packaging company that supplies different plastic 89-400 lids. Our complete packaging are mostly used in the hair care market, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.

89/400 plastic lids on stock

Frapak Packaging keeps a lot of plastic lids in 89-400 on stock. Please have a look at our stock items if you can find your lids on stock!

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