Foamer Tabletop PET


Foamer Tabletop PET Bottles

Frapak Packaging offers a wide assortment of Foamer Tabletop PET bottles designed for various industries and applications. These bottles are crafted from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a durable plastic known for its clarity, impact resistance, and chemical resistance.

Design and Flexibility

The Foamer Tabletop bottles feature a flexible design ideal for a broad range of liquid products, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. The round shape facilitates easy labeling and handling. Available in sizes ranging from 250ml to 500ml, these bottles provide flexibility in packaging and dispensing. They feature a 40mm neck size.

Customization and Finishes

Frapak Packaging's Foamer Tabletop PET bottles come in various colours and can be customized with different closure options, such as foamers and pumps. They are also available in finishes including glossy, matte, and frosted.


All Foamer Tabletop PET bottles from Frapak Packaging are fully recyclable and can be easily reused or repurposed, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Their lightweight design reduces shipping costs, adding to their eco-friendliness.

In-House R&D Department

Our in-house R&D team rigorously tests our bottles and matching components to ensure reliability and performance. By choosing our Foamer Tabletop PET bottles, you can trust that your packaging will withstand industry demands.

Distribution Network

We maintain a strong distribution network with more than five strategically located warehouses, ensuring efficient and timely delivery throughout the European Union. Wherever you are, we are committed to bringing high-quality products to your doorstep.

Why Choose Us

Frapak Packaging’s Foamer Tabletop PET bottles stand out in the market due to our high-quality materials, extensive testing, and commitment to customer satisfaction. When you choose our packaging solutions, you will experience the difference in quality and service.



Frapak Packaging’s Foamer Tabletop PET bottles are versatile and reliable, suitable for a wide range of products. With various sizes, colours, and closures, they offer flexibility and customization. These bottles are also eco-friendly, lightweight, and easy to transport.

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