Cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging of bottles and jars

The beauty of your skin is constantly affected by environmental conditions; from dry air to ultraviolet energy from the sun. As a result, you must take steps to protect and care for your skin with daily skin care products. The daily use of products, like day and night cream, cleansing lotions and eye serums, is the best way to ensure that your skin remains in the best possible condition - no matter what the season.

To attract this customer base, Frapak has developed standard and custom made packaging, ranging from heavy clear wall cosmetic jars, double wall cream jars, and airless dispensing systems for facial products. 

The HDPE and PET bottles with dispensing closures are suitable for products like cleansings lotions, milks and anti-acne products, allowing your brand to build even stronger connections with your customers..Your Cosmetic packaging will look better, give a nice appeal and will connect better with your customers. For our PET and HDPE bottles we have created a special double wall dispensing closure.

Bi coloured dispensing closures for cosmetic packaging

Creating an appealing closure design can be achieved by using the right pigments or colourants. As the disc top cap is made out of two parts which can be coloured differently it allows the closure to be styled to match the bottle underneath. 

Adding pearlescent pigments gives the disc top cap a fashionable metallic look. The colours for the disc top caps can be chosen from all the pantone colours currently available bringing the design in line with the label or the colour of the bottle. 

The latest development is that our double wall  disc top closure which has a large diameter providing a uniform cylindrical design on both HDPE as PET bottles that we have created.

Cosmetic packaging for the PP jars

The body of the PP jar is slightly conical but a label can usually be easily applied. In specific cases jars can be screen printed in up to 6 colours.

Although the costs of screen printing is usually higher than labelling, the filling of the PP jars is easier and faster.

To decorate the cosmetic jars a hot stamp is often applied by using metallic foils. These foils can have numerous effects like a glossy or matt finish in combination with metallic silver and gold colours.