PET STC 70-400

70-400 PET jars

Our Straight Cylindrical 70-400 PET jar. The straight cylindrical has a wide range of jars with straight sides available in different sizes from 50ml up to 400ml. The Necksize is 70-400. The PET jar can be delivered with an aluminium lid or 2 versions of a plastic lids including a special high version. The Straight Cylindrical 70-400 PET jars are widely used for various cosmetic products like gel, wax, crèmes and bath salt as well as many food applications like candies, dried mushrooms and spices.

The Straight Cylindrical 70 mm jar is standard transparent, but they are also  available in a custom made color.  Every Straight Cylindrical 70mm PET jar is able to match with a component. The matching element for a Straight Cylindrical 70mm PET jar are lids. These lids are standard, high or rolled. On this page above, you can choose your matching component. Choose your type of the Straight Cylindrical 70 mm PET jar and see our MOQ.