PET STC 70-400

Supplier of the Straight Cylindrical 70/400 PET jar

The Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 is a product that is designed for packaging various types of products such as food, beauty, and personal care products. The jar is made from high-quality Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) material, which is a clear, lightweight, and durable plastic material that is widely used in the packaging industry.

The Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 is a popular choice among manufacturers and consumers because of its versatility and ease of use. The jar is designed with a 70mm diameter opening and a 400 thread neck finish, which allows it to be easily filled and sealed. Additionally, the straight cylindrical shape of the jar provides ample space for product labeling, making it an ideal option for branding and marketing purposes.

Markets for the 70/400 Straight cylindrical PET jar

The market for the Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 is vast, as it is suitable for packaging various types of products. The food industry is one of the primary markets for this product, as the jar is perfect for storing items such as spices, herbs, and other dry goods. The beauty and personal care industry also make use of the Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 for packaging products such as lotions, creams, and bath salts.

The Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 is an excellent option for businesses looking for cost-effective packaging solutions. Its lightweight and durable nature make it an ideal choice for shipping products across long distances, reducing transportation costs. Furthermore, the jar's clarity allows customers to see the product inside, which can increase sales by making the product more appealing.

In conclusion, the Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 is a versatile and practical packaging solution suitable for a wide range of products. Its popularity in various industries makes it a product that manufacturers can rely on to package their products securely and cost-effectively

The plastic jar is available in a range of capacities from 50ml up to 500ml, providing flexibility for manufacturers to choose the best size for their product. The availability of low minimum order quantities (MOQ) is also beneficial for small businesses and startups that require smaller quantities of packaging.

Safe and environmentally friendly 70-400 Cylindrical jars

Furthermore, the fact that the Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 is produced in the European Union is an advantage for businesses that prioritize local sourcing and sustainability. The EU has strict regulations on the use of plastics, and PET is one of the materials that are considered safe and environmentally friendly. By sourcing the jar locally, businesses can also reduce their carbon footprint and support the local economy.

It's also worth noting that the Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 is only sold in the European Union. This can be an important consideration for businesses that require EU compliant packaging or want to avoid the risks associated with sourcing products from outside the region.

Overall, the Straight Cylindrical PET jar 70-400 is a versatile and reliable packaging solution that offers a range of sizes and low MOQs for businesses of all sizes. Being produced in the EU and sold only within the region makes it a sustainable and safe choice for businesses looking for high-quality packaging options.