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Pharmaceutical sprayers

Pharmaceutical packaging companies


Frapak Packaging has been a wholesale supplier of pharmaceutical sprayer for many years.
We produce a range of spray and dispenser pumps for different applications throughout the health care market. Whether your product is a registered drug or an OTC product, Frapak can supply you with a variety of different packaging solutions. 



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Pharmaceutical sprayers

The pharmaceutical fine mist sprayers can be delivered with a drug master file which facilitates regulatory compliance. By working closely with our customers we find the right pharmaceutical spray solution for their products and support them with lab testing. 


The standard closures for the pharma sprayers

The standard closure size of 20mm is produced with a snap-on closure but there are also screw-on versions available like the DIN20, GL20 or 20-410.

The different outputs of the pharmaceutical sprayers are under tight control and range from 0.050 ml up to 0.190ml. For topical applications the output can be increased from 0.300 to 0.700 ml.


Three groups of fine mist pharmaceutical sprayers

The fine mist pharmaceutical sprayers are used in three product groups:
the familiar nasal sprayer, followed by the throat sprayers and the topical sprayers. A pharmaceutical ear adapter has also been developed for applications to the ear.

The Nasal sprayer for the pharmaceutical packaging

The nasal sprayers have a wide range of different adapters that can be used to administer the drug into the nostrils.
The most well-known are those with a rounded design but there are also oval or square versions which provide an ergonomic grip when actuating the pharma sprayer.

For children whose nostrils have not fully developed a mini, or junior, nasal adapter has been designed which simplifies the use of the nasal product.

The most common adapters are shown below; you will see that there is a clear difference between the atmospheric versions and the preservative-free solutions. The preservative-free nasal sprayers feature mechanical protection and can be supplied with a filter element to prevent contaminated air entering the bottle.


The Throat adapter for the pharmaceutical packaging

The wide range of pharma throat adapters provide a perfect solution for oral applications.

The most standard ones are the short, medium and long throat adapter which are fixed onto the actuator of the pharma pump.

We can supply a head protection fitted on the medium throat adapter which prevents particles from entering the throat.


Different Pharma sollutions 

Different pharma solutions have also been designed for the longer versions of the throat adapters.

The MW19 adapter, for example, can be swivelled so that the nozzle is aligned with the bottle to the carton whereas normal adapters have to be supplied separately in the box. Different nozzle protectors are available for this pharmaceutical throat sprayer.

For topical applications a dispensing head and a more standard 16mm head can be supplied.

For dental applications or areas which are difficult to be reached a capillary tube can be fitted on the pharma spray head.





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Pharma sprayers