250ml PET bottle

FlexPET and Frapak Packaging have created a lot of different 250ml PET bottles. Our 250ml PET bottles are made in different neck sizes; 24-410, 24-415, 28-410 and 28ROPP. Besides these standards we also created a neck size especially for our Pharma 250ml PET bottle series in combination with our Child resistant closures. Our weights for the 250ml PET bottles varies from 12gram to 25 grams.

Sometimes If a project requires other specifications, we could always discuss the feasibility of this with our Research and Development team. A very popular 250ml PET bottle is the Boston Round, this is one of the most commonly used PET bottles in the market. We created the 250ml PET bottle in three different shapes: Round, Oval and Square. Because we have created that many 250ml PET bottles into these different shapes we can provide a wide range of 250ml bottles.

We have a very big assortment of PET bottles. With small volumes form 10ml up to a 1000ml and we have created all these PET bottles into different designs. 40 Different designs of the 250ml PET bottle

PET bottles 250ml

We have made more than 40 different designs for this volume

Create a complete package with the 250ml PET bottle

The 250ml PET bottle is applicable in various markets; even in the pharmaceutical market. In order to offer a quick supply of our products, we also keep stock of 250ml PET bottles. The standard colours for the 250ml PET bottle are transparent or sometimes amber, depending on the design. Besides these 2 standards we can supply the bottles in any desired colour.

For every 250ml PET bottle we have also created matching components which gives us the opportunity to offer and supply the whole package. Each matching component is sold over a thousand times with many of our bottles and compatibility is guaranteed.

The matching components for the 250ml PET bottle we have selected are Finger sprayer, Screw Closures, (mini) Trigger Sprayers with lock neck size, and soap/lotion dispensers.

PET bottles 250ml

250ml PET bottle in recycled PET

Since 2018 we are able to supply all our PET bottles into rPET and even all our PET jars. The 250ml PET bottle is deliverable in rPET and from a MOQ of 25K.

We have different possibilities if it comes to rPET, we can make the 250ml PET bottle into 25%, 50% or 100% rPET.

The minimum order quantities of Recyceld PET are 25.000 pieces.

rPET 250ml bottles