50ml PET bottles

Why is the 50ml PET bottle a good choice?

A 50ml PET bottle can be convenient for several reasons:

  1. Portability: With a capacity of just 50ml, the bottle is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. This is ideal for travel, sports, or everyday use.
  2. Material: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a type of plastic known for its strength, durability, and clarity. It's also recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly option.
  3. Portion Control: For products like beverages, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, a 50ml bottle can assist in accurate dosing and portion control.
  4. Safety: PET bottles are generally safe and leak-proof, making them suitable for storing liquids without the risk of spillage or contamination.
  5. Economical: Smaller bottles may be cheaper to produce and distribute, offering consumers a more affordable alternative to larger packaging.
  6. Regulations: In some cases, such as air travel, there are restrictions on the amount of liquid you can carry. A 50ml bottle often falls within these limits, making it a convenient option for travellers.

This makes the 50ml PET bottles suitable for a wide range of applications, from personal care to food products. Frapak is the European supplier of choice when it comes to 50ml PET bottles. We have an unwavering commitment to quality and uphold the highest standards in manufacturing, producing all of our products exclusively within the European Union. Our plastic 50ml PET bottles are suited for packaging a variety of liquids such as juices, cosmetics, detergents and other products.

We understand that the right packaging solution can make or break your product’s success. That’s why we strive to ensure every order meets your exact specifications and requirements so you get superior results with each batch.

We offer a range of different neck sizes for our 50ml PET bottles, including 20-410 and 20-415. For the pharma market, 28ropp is also available.

PET bottles 50ml

Different designs for the 50ml PET bottles

In order to satisfy the markets requirements, we have created several designs for the 50ml PET bottle. We have made more than 10 different designs for this volume and also neck sizes.

50ml PET bottles

Supplier of the 50ml PET bottle

Our team has 30 years of experience in supplying the right plastic packaging. We give you always the best technical advice even if you are the brand owner, retailer or the contractfiller.

At Frapak, we focus on reducing the carbon footprint of our products. We have production and distribution locations throughout Europe which helps to reduce delivery times and transport costs. This ensures that our clients receive their orders quickly and in an efficient manner.

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service as well as quality packaging solutions.

Our plastic packaging experts are always available to answer any questions you may have and help develop a solution that best suits your needs. Contact us today to find out how Frapak can meet all your plastic 50ml PET bottle needs!

Sustainable options

Sustainable plastic packaging options are also available for our 50ml PET bottles, with 100% recycled PET available upon request.
We understand the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions from both customers and retailers.

Over the last two years, over 50% of new customers have requested sustainable packaging solutions and for recycled PET.

Decoration possibilities for the 50ml PET bottle

State-of-the-art decoration options for our 50ml PET bottles like screen printing, full colouring and hot stamping are also available in house. We have all the necessary equipment to provide superior quality results with each order.

We always strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to plastic packaging solutions and continually invest in new technologies and innovations that allow us to offer better products and services to our customers.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner who can meet your needs for plastic 50ml PET bottles, look no further than Frapak!

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