PET jar 70-400

70-400 PET jars

The 70-400 PET jars feature a common neck size widely used across the plastic packaging industry. The volume range for this neck size, 70-400, varies from 50ml to 500ml. These plastic PET jars 70-400 are also available in 100% recycled PET materials.

Frapak can supply stock items starting from a single pallet. We do not sell items individually but by the pallet. We also have stock items in rPET available.
If you are struggling with time-to-market or the quality of your products, Frapak is the supplier to address these issues. Our product and lead times are well managed.

Our in-house R&D department ensures the highest quality of plastic packaging. Our own factories and five strategically placed warehouses across Europe allow us to provide rapid supply. For further information and answers to frequently asked questions, please read our FAQ

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Cosmetic jar 70-400

Food-Approved PET Jars

Are you in search of high-quality jars approved for food and beverage use? Frapak offers a food approval certificate for PET jars, including those made from 100% recycled PET. The materials for both are certified for food use. Read more about food packaging

Cosmetic Regulations for Jars

Are you involved in the cosmetic packaging market and looking to purchase 70-400 PET jars that comply with cosmetic regulations? Frapak is also certified for PET and rPET jars that meet cosmetic standards. Read more about cosmetic packaging