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Cosmetic Pumps

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The comsetic pump

Frapak Packaging has been one of the largest cosmetic packaging manufacturers in Europe for many years.

Our cosmetic pumps are used to dispense a large variety of cosmetic products such as face cream, eye balsam and hair oil.
The pump normally consists of an engine which needs to be primed by pressing an actuator. 


The different head designs of the cosmetic pumps

The head can be produced in a variety of different designs to fit the customer requirements. 

The straight designs are more modern whereas the rounded actuator designs of the cosmetic pump have a more classic look.

Some of the actuators have a small cream tip nozzle which allows the product to be dispensed accurately onto a fingertip.


The standard packaging of the cosmetic pumps

These cosmetic dispensers have standard closure sizes such as 18-400, 20-400 and 20-410 fitting smaller bottles with contents from 15 to 50 ml.
In these cases the output of the cosmetic pumps is about 100mcl.

When larger closures are fitted like the 22-400 and 24-410, the volume of the cream container is normally larger too containing 100, 150 and even 200 ml and require a higher output in the range of 150 or 200 mcl.

As the formulas of the cream content are steadily becoming more and more complex, some of the cosmetic dispensers have adopted a ‘clean path’ technology
where there is no contact between the product and the spring providing metal-free dispensing.
This enhances the compatibility of the cosmetic dispenser as the spring is outside the fluid path.

Besides the large variety of actuators available for the cream dispensers, the pump can also be decorated and produces with an aluminium or metal overshell.
These overshells can be made in any colour but the most common which are available as standard
are silver and gold shiny and silver and gold matt.


The cosmetic pumps can be protected with an overcap

The head of the cream dispenser sometimes needs to be protected by an overcap.

For most cream dispensers a standard overcap is available.
In some cases, an attractively designed dust cover which fits over the head of the cream dispenser can be supplied.

These cosmetic dispensers are used for a wide array of products like face cream, eye treatment products, hair oils but also for foundations and medical applications.






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