Finger sprayers fine mist

Fine mist finger sprayers

Finger sprayer supplier

Finger sprayers supplier

Frapak Packaging has been a whole sale supplier finger sprayers for many years.

The Fine Mist Sprayers or Spray Pumps are used to disperse a cloud of small droplets. 

The amount of product and the quality of the spray are determined by the fine mist pump; it is therefore a very important component of the package.

Fine mist finger sprayers in stock

We have a range of fine mist finger sprayers available on stock.
Our stock colors are white, black, natrual and silver.

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The fine mist sprayers

The fine mist sprayer consists of an engine with a dip tube through which the product is pumped.

In the head the product leaves the fine mist sprayer through the orifice.

Just before the orifice is a swirl chamber where the product is given the correct flow characteristics in order to be transformed into a fine mist.

High viscosity products and sun care solution have special configurations

Special configurations of the finger sprayer need to be made, particularly for high viscosity products and sun care products.

If the product is more viscous, an external dip tube with a larger diameter allows the product to be pumped more easily. Fluids with aggressive ingredients can also be sprayed into a fine mist.

The solution for these kinds of products is a solvent resistant sprayer which has components made from special materials like POM and high-grade stainless steel making it less vulnerable.



The fine mist sprayer is availble with different spray patterns

Because we use an outstanding number of different orifices, we are able to create a spray pattern which can be narrow, medium, wide or even very wide.

The fine mist sprayers also have a range of different outputs from 50 mcl up to 300 mcl which means a spray solution can be provided for almost all products.

Finger sprayers finishes

Finger sprayers can be supplied with numerous different head designs.

The most common closure sizes are the 20-410 and the 24-410 which can have either a smooth or ribbed finish.

Another special version of the finger sprayer is the upside down version. 

In this case the fine mist sprayer can be used at 360° making products like sun care and mosquito repellents very easy and convenient to use.

Finger sprayer upside down

Standard finger sprayers

Stock colours of the fine mist sprayers

Frapak Packaging keeps spray pumps with the closures 20-410 and 24-410 in stock in different colours like white, natural and black.

The dip tubes are cut to the required length with automated cutting machines.

Luxury design finger sprayers

An aluminium over shell is available for several closure sizes  creating a luxurious image on the shelf. Instead of an aluminium over shell the closure itself can also be threaded. The different designs of spray heads include a finger grooved model allow perfect handling. 

In some applications it is required that an area which is difficult to be reached should be treated.

For these situation the head of the finger sprayer can be executed with an extender reaching hair roots for example.

There are many overcaps available

To protect the head from being actuated or getting dirty different models of overcaps are available like more rounded or flat designs.

In a lot of cases the bottle on which the finger sprayer is placed is already coming with its own design of overcap. 

The Myspray series are available in HDPE and PET and are available from 100, 150 to 200 ml.

In some cases our customers require quick deliveries or smaller batches.

Overcaps finger sprayers

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