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Fragrance sprayers

Fragrance sprayer wholesale


Frapak Packaging is an experienced wholesale supplier of perfume sprayers and fragrance sprayers which are used to atomize perfumes or eau de toilettes made of a formulation of essential oils, aromas, solvents and water.

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Fragrance sprayer





The fragrance sprayers

The fine mist sprayer consists of an engine with a dip tube through which the product is pumped.

In the head the product leaves the fine mist sprayer through the orifice. Just before the orifice is a swirl chamber where the product is given the correct flow characteristics in order to be transformed into a fine mist.


The spray pattern of the perfume sprayers can be customised

Depending on the perfume which is used, the spray pattern of the pump can be specially designed to match your needs.

A wide range of orifices allows the perfume to be dispersed in different spray angles like extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide and extra wide.

These perfume sprayers are all fitted onto beautifully designed glass bottles.
At Frapack packaging esthetics matter and, in this market in particular, design appeal is one of the most essential details of the package that we oversee. 


The different heads of the fragrance sprayers

It is essential, therefore, that different plastic and metal heads are available in 13 and 15 mm to customise the fragrance pump so it matches the overall design.

The actuators are produced in both low and high versions and can be fitted with a metal or aluminium shell.


The low profile sprayer v.s. a standard engine sprayer

A low profile pump or LP engine minimizes the visibility of the sprayer because the engine disappears into the neck of the glass bottle.

The most common are the FEA15 and FEA20 bottle necks, so standard fine mist engines would be visible through the wall of the bottle. The low profile sprayers are available for BC15 and BC20 neck finishes.

Body mists and room fresheners, for example, often require screw-on versions of the fragrance sprayers. Frapak offers threaded ferrule or plastic closure solutions for standard neck dimensions like Europa 4 and 5 but also for 20 and 24-410 GCMI specifications.

The invisible NOC dip tube

The dip tube is normally made from PP or PE but can also be made from a special material which makes it invisible in the product; this NoC® dip tube concept adds to the prestigious image of the product.

Designers of fragrance products can even customise the colour of the dip tube blending it into the design or contrasting it.


Click it fragrance sprayer 

Perfume pumps are normally crimped onto the bottle neck and then fitted with an aluminium collar.

But, recently, a crimpless version called ClickIt has become very popular. This click-on perfume sprayer is supplied with the aluminium ferrule already attached, reducing purchase complexity and simplifying the filling process.







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Different spray patterns





heads of fragrance sprayers



 low profile perfume sprayers

 screw on pumps

   NOC diptube perfume sprayer

 clickit fragrance sprayer




Perfume sprayers