Hot foil stamping

Hot foiling

High end cosmetic products require high gloss and true metallic decoration which cannot be realised by screen printing or by producing the packaging with a metallic colorant. In these cases, a metallic foil can be applied to highlight brand names, logos or product descriptions.

On jars, pumps and closures, it is also common to print a silver or gold ring around the item, giving it a cosmetic appearance.

During the hot foil stamping process, a metal or silicon plate with an engraving of the desired design touches the roll of foil. This causes the foil to stick onto the stamp, which is then transferred onto the item. The result is an item with a highly reflective image and a metallic appearance.

A wide selection of foil colours, finishes, and effects, are standard available, but gold and silver metallic with a matt and glossy finish are mostly used.

Hot stamp closures.jpg