Plastic lid 70-400 PP, straight crab's claw frosted

70-400 lid 70sp400 lid 70/400 lids

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About the plastic lid 70-400 PP, straight crab's claw frosted

The 70-400 lids for PET jars, normal plastic lid 70-400, crabs claw

The 70-400 plastic lid with a crabs claw closing system. Our PD70A1_PPS2FCCP21 may be a normal plastic lid in 70/400 and with a opaque end. The 70-400 plastic lids will be equipped into completely different finishes and conjointly different closing systems.

The finishes are common for our plastic lids are sleek, opaque and ribbed. The lids are out there in any color, though white is our normal color and therefore the minimum order quantities are lower in our normal colors. The closing systems for the 70-400 are: Tri seal, crabs claw, induction seal and for disc.

70/400 lids with our PET jars for multiple markets combinations

Our lids are particularly created for our PET jars. we've tested these combos over a thousand times. For this reason we are able to provide an entire packaging that's tested and sold for several times.


We tend to be a trustworthy plastic packaging concern that provides totally different plastic 70-400 lids, even in aluminium. Our complete packaging are principally employed in the hair care market, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, potable packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.

70/400 plastic lids on stock

Frapak Packaging keeps plenty of plastic lids in 70-400 on stock. Please have a glance at our stock things if you'll be able to realize your lids on stock!