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Frapak Packaging's E-Liquid PET bottles perfectly blend attractive design, ideally suited for the e-cigarette and e-smoke markets. These e-smoke bottles/e-cigarette bottles, with their sleek, round contours and transparent finish, are also available in any custom colour, aligning with diverse branding needs. Offering full colouring, screen printing up to 6 colours, embossing, debossing, and hot stamping foiling. 
The choice of PET and RPET materials underscores Frapak's commitment to sustainability and quality, offering durable, recyclable packaging options.

Supplier of e-cigarette plastic bottles

The company's extensive presence in Europe, underscored by more than five strategically located warehouses, ensures efficient distribution across the continent. This logistical advantage is bolstered by Frapak's European production location, guaranteeing a seamless supply chain and adherence to stringent EU standards. Their service is tailored to accommodate both large-scale and specialized requirements, with a minimum order quantity ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 units, providing flexibility for various business sizes.


Moreover, Frapak's extensive history in both manufacturing and distribution positions them uniquely as a hybrid packaging expert. This dual expertise enables them to not just supply packaging but also to collaborate closely with clients, understanding their specific needs and offering bespoke packaging solutions. Whether it's for small, artisanal brands or large, multinational corporations, Frapak's E-Liquid PET bottles represent a fusion of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility, making them an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their product presentation while maintaining an eco-conscious footprint.