Private label packaging design

If you are a retailer selling your own private label products next to other premium brands, Frapak Packaging has private label packaging solutions that will make your products stand out from the crowd. 

We can help you maximise your earnings from the consumer segment the major brands don't appeal to.
With our private label packaging designs, your products will develop outstanding differentiation with eye-catching private label packaging that makes them leap off the shelf. Packaging that acts as your brand ambassador and establishes a recognizable identity for your private label brand.

Private label

Frapak Packaging has a wide range of private label packaging solutions that can give your products the distinctive look you need. We have market-ready solutions in line with all the latest packaging trends. And we can create unique customized private label packaging designs for all types of products. Our stylish bottles and jars can be flexibly combined with caps, sprayers, and dispensers all according to your specific requirements.

Cost-effective and quick delivery time 

Plus the packaging solutions of Frapak are extremely cost-effective. Our production order combination method means even small volumes can be produced at a guaranteed low price. With our extensive network of production and storage facilities throughout the whole of Europe, it is easy to see why so many retailers have already chosen Frapak as their preferred private label packaging supplier.

Contact us now at and find out how our private label packaging solutions can be your key to lasting success.