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brand owners

Brand Packaging Design

If you are launching a new product or re-launching an existing one, Frapak Packaging has all the brand packaging design and supporting services you need to create the ultimate brand experience and guarantee lasting success.

Brand Owners

Frapak Packaging will help you create the right brand packaging to enhance all your brand values. We have a wide selection of standard bottles and jars in all shapes and sizes. Contact one of our account managers to discuss your specific needs. They are experts in brand packaging solutions, and constantly monitor the latest brand packaging trends.

Brand owners

Retailers Private Label Packaging

If you are a retailer selling your own private label products next to other premium brands, Frapak Packaging has private label packaging solutions that will make your products stand out from the crowd.


Frapak Packaging has a wide range of private label packaging solutions that can give your products the distinctive look you need. We have market-ready solutions in line with all the latest packaging trends.
And we can create unique customized private label packaging designs for all types of products.

Contract fillers

Contract Fillers Packaging Sollutions

Contract filling can be a tough business. Contract fillers have the almost impossible task of keeping both the retailers and the manufacturers happy. And you have to adapt your production lines every time a new trend in the market comes along.

Contract Fillers

That is where Frapak Packaging can help as we understand your needs exactly. We provide a perfectly balanced range of contract filler packaging solutions. With Frapak Packaging you will be able to deliver all your contract filling services on-time, in-spec, and on-budget.

Contract fillers