Custom moulding bottles and jars

The right design for your bottles and jars

If you cannot find the right design for your bottles or jars by using standard solutions, Frapak offers custom bottle moulds at very competitive prices.
Our 3D design department can create new designs for PET bottles and jars and HDPE bottles to suit your brand and enhance its identity.  
On a fairly regular basis our customers challenge us – not with the design but with the size; they want a special diameter or a specific volume for a bottle or jar which is not available in the market. This is the sort of challenge we thrive on.

Embossed and debossed logo's

Another common development is the customer request for embossed or debossed logos on their bottles or caps; a request that Frapak can easily provide.

3d design bottles 3d design bottles

Offering custom moulding for jars and bottles

custom moulding bottles

Our company offers this custom solution for bottles and jars for relatively low yearly volumes starting at 100,000 pcs per year. All our custom moulds are made in Europe and can be made at a very low cost as our design department has extensive experience in 3D engineering. This combination leads means your packaging concepts are on the market in the shortest of times.  We have already created custom packaging solutions for many leading brand names and innovative packaging designers.

Frapak Packaging makes a co-creation with you

Frapak can work together with your design department to find the most appealing packaging for your product whilst keeping the development costs and time to a minimum as this is a process that we perform very often.

During the design process, our engineering department can show you lots of different options and after the 3D drawings have been evaluated solid models can be provided by rapid prototyping.

We have been producing these bottles in house now for more than 10 years by using 3D printers.

The final stage of the custom moulding of bottles and jars

When the custom development of the bottle or jar is accepted by our marketing department we can provide you with the exact development cost.

A price that is always adhered to. And the timing? If it’s a standard PET bottle or jar that you want, Frapak can offer a tight time to market as a preform is already available in house. This is also true for standard blow moulded HDPE bottles or injection moulded jars.

If a completely new packaging concept needs to be designed using new technologies or special plastic materials the lead time will be a little longer.

When your custom bottle or jar has been developed Frapak can offer assistance on the decoration process including screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping and shrink sleeving.

Our Sales Team will be happy to discuss your packaging designs with you in more detail.

3D design designing rapid prototyping bottles