Dip tube cutting

Dip Tube Cutting

If the minimum order quantity or the lead time of a fine mist sprayer and dispenser does not meet your demands, Frapak Packaging can deliver directly from stock. Our warehouse holds more than 5.000 pallets with fine mist sprayers, dispensers and trigger pumps in a wide range of colours. Our standard colours are white, natural, silver and black for finger sprayers, but we have red/white, blue/white, white/white and green/white trigger sprayers in stock.

Besides more than 10 semi-automatic machines, we also cut the dip tubes in a full automatic line in order to secure you the right lead time in the specification you want.

Each sprayer or pump has its own requirements, as the design of the bottle determines the dip tube length. Frapak Packaging always helps you to find the right combination if you let us know which bottle requires a pump.

Dip Tube